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Chambers, Ephraim, 1680 (ca.)-1740 / Cyclopædia, or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences : containing the definitions of the terms, and accounts of the things signify'd thereby, in the several arts, both liberal and mechanical, and the several sciences, human and divine : the figures, kinds, properties, productions, preparations, and uses, of things natural and artificial : the rise, progress, and state of things ecclesiastical, civil, military, and commercial : with the several systems, sects, opinions, &c : among philosophers, divines, mathematicians, physicians, antiquaries, criticks, &c : the whole intended as a course of antient and modern learning

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Page 270

HYD                  (~~~~~~~270)I HYD
The Antientieusd it for 'Amulets and Talifinans; and     The Word iform'd
of the Goreek, JA#    Watter, which,
ooi bou  thi    eck, or fer in Rings,' ec. fuppofinig  in 'the, geniti e'
Cafe,' gives eaUpi, whnceJ ,Hdts
it to have the Virtue of ftcuring them from the Plague,  See HYDATS
HYDATOIDES, a Name fame' Authors' give to the
The Hacinth us'd 'i Medicine, n     whereof the Con   AquieousHumouri of
theEinod between~ te CorneaL
feino Hait i       ae is a different Stone, of Which  andc' Uvea. See AQVzodJs
there are three feveral Sorts: The firfi about the Bignefs  The Word is compos'd
of J of, UJkA7  Water, and TsJ1@-,
and -Figure of ;a Grain, of Salt, and pretty fofi: The 2d  Form, Refemblanc'e.
ruddy, and ithap'd like the Poilntof a Diamond, found'in  HYDATOSCOPIA, call'd
aifo HYDROMANCY, a kind
divers Parts of Italy, Siley,ft, Bohemia, &c. The third is  of Divination,
or Method of foretelling future Events, by
white, Inteirm~i'd with yellow, and forne other Colours;  means of Water.
being found in the fame Places as the red.                There is a natural
or allowable Kind of H~datofcopia: It
in Strianeii, only the firfi Kind lhould be us'd in the  confifis in foretelling
Storms, Temnpefls, Hurricanes, , fc.
Confe~tion of Hyacinth ; but the Druggills and Apotheca-  fromh natural Signs
or Indications in the Sea, Air, Clouds,
ries frequently fubititute the other.                     c
confe~tion of HYACINTH, is a thin cordial Eleauary,,    The Word is compounded
of ~Jk.v, the Genitive of'94'.p,
compos'd of divers Kinds of precious Stones, particularly of  Water, and
cxow , ' view, I confider.
that whofe Denomination it bears, 'with certain Earths,   HYDE of Land. See
Seeds, Roots, Coral, Hartlhorn, and divers other Ingredi-  HYDE-gyd,I from
the Saxon, Hydgyld, a, Price or Ran-
ents, well mix'd, and ground together. See CON~iEcTION  fain paid to fave
one's, Skin from beating: Alfo the fame
of hyacinth,                                            with Hidage. See
HYACINTHIA, in Antiquity, Feafis held at Sptarta, in    HYDRA, a Southern
Conflellation, confifling of twenty-
Honour of, Ap)olo,, and in Commemoration of his Favourite fix Stars, and
imagin'd to reprefent a Water-Serpent. See
Hyacinth.                                ~~~~~~~CONSTIELLATION and STAR.
_Tlhils H~ya-cinth was the Son of A4myclas, King of Sparta,
and was belov'd both by Apll adephyras. The Youth                    tsinheCifeaiozHDA
Ibewing meofi Inclination to the former, his Rival grew jea-        Sasi
   h   oyeltoiHDA
lous; and, to be reveng'd, one Day, as Aptollo was' playing
at the fDifcus, i. e. Quoits with Hy~jacinth, Zephyrus turn'd  )fame; and
Situati'on of  1i Longitude  Latitude.
the Direffion of a Quoit which Apollo had pitc'd, full upon      the Stars.
                .,       ,,
the H-ead of the unhappy Hyacinth, who Pfiell down dead.
Aplotransform'd him into a Flower of the fame Name:                     
       $L    3211    22 29 15' 4
And as a farther Token of RefpeaE, inflituted this Feaft.               
              917 fz    2f46 06   6
The Jlyacinthia lafled three Days;5 the firft and third  N. of thofe preced.
in the Head  fr o9 ;  1i 25' 37  4
whereof were employ'd in bewailing the Death of Hyacinth,  S* of thofe preced.
agt. theNoft.  6 5; 14  14 3:8 05  r
and the fecond in Feafling and Rejoycing.                               
             II 58 02   29 44 4   6
The People who affif'red at the Ceremony were crown'd  InteAetr      fteMuh
         75fI      1   7~
,with Ivy 5 by reafon, Says Vo flus, de Idolol. I. ii. c. xq4. that  InteAetr
 fteMuh  7449    1  14817 10
[Bacehss and.pfollo were the fme Perfon.             North of two in the
Forehead   801p      I079      4
HYBISTRICA, in Antiquity, a Solemn Feafi, held among  South in the Forehead
     83   04   1 1 35' 00, 5
te Greeks, with Sacrifices and other Ceremonies ; whereat               
            II 31 o6   20 26 0o   y
te Men attended in the Appare I of Women, and the Wo-       10
men in that of Men, to. lo Honour to Venus in Quality    nthhidPrft     
    Hed      13 If 41  213  045    6
either o a Godor a Goddefi, or both.                                    
        I0x5:       II c0 034
Or, according to th e Account given by others, the N~-Ped    fai   oto h
     ek    14 3158    24 18 44  6
bijrica was aL Feaft celebrated at Argos, whereini the Wa-              
              1 04of     1 2345309 6
men, being dreli'd like Men, infutted their Husbands, and
treated them with all Marks of Superiority, in Memory of                
             z~i        202
the Argian Dames having Ianciently defended their Country               
              3843 261   24 II 31
with figular ourageagainf Clomenes and IDemaratus.  Subfeq. in the Root of
the Neck  is, 57 04  I; 3 0 47
'Plutarch fpeak's of this Feaft in his Treatife of the great            
             92   6   2081
A~ions of Women. -    The Name, he obferves, fignifies                  
              o142' 204 3 32;3,33 6
Infamy; which is well accommodated to the Occaflon,          20
wherein the Women firutted it about in Cloaks, while the                
             12 I 2 4Z  2   I I 3 ;6
Men were oblig'd to dangle in Petticoats.               Sml n     vrteHat211Z9
6                 23 5049    6
HYADES, in Aflronomny, are feven Stars, famous among  Sml nIoeIh Hat2 09
if                    19 if o8  6
the.Poets for the bringing of .Rain. -- Whence their Name,              
             23 045S6   2i2.57 49  6
from the Greek, dYeiv, Pluere, to rain.,255                             
Their Place is in the Bull's Head ;The Principal of thema  Mid.ofibednofteek
       2, 54z        64x
in the left ~Eye, by the Arabs call'dAldeba ran. Their  South21541      
Longitudes, Latitudes, Eg' c. fee among thofCe of -the other            
             2    %2     91'0
Stiars in the Conflellation TAuR US.1419                                
                          950      7
The Poets feign themh the -Daughters of Ytlas and .E&hra.  Lail of ;in
beinding of the Neck  13199 111
Their Brother Hyas being tor  o N ieces by a Lionefs, they   3          
               6;8      102
wept his Death with fitch Viehemence, that the Gods, in  Thtflown      hSHat2
               2121 o6 27     6
Comp affion to them, tranflated them  into Heaven, and  That following this
        R1   23 33. i6 05 14    4
plac'd thenm in the IBull's Forehead, where they continue               
           t 28 57 10  19:43 :6   7
to weep ; this Conflellationt being fuppos'd to prefage  That, again, foill
this to the N. 1W  4 01 45' 2; II  5.311
Rain.                                                         5
Tho' others of the Poets reprefent the Hyades as[Bacchus's  5370        
                       847      6'
Nurfes, and the fame with-the fljodonides, who fearing! the             
               f07 52   22 29 43   7
Refentm ent of 97uno, and flying fromn the Cruelty of -King  Anioth. behind
this,and moreN. 5010 2010       4
1Lycurg's, were tranflated by _7piter into Heaven.                      
               I33       S 20; 67
HYDAWTIS, in Medicine, a Difeafe of the Eyes, confiff-                  
            50301 17     2407
igof a fatty, Subflance or Excrefcence, growing- under the  40cef
Skn of the'upper Eye-lid;5 by which the whole tye-lid, in  Pee.othefloigtee
              450    24 4004
Children, is fotinetiines render'd Qedemnatous. SeeE ,    asiarghLn]    
              11 '214oB4
HYDATIS is alfo us'd, among the modern Phyfi cians, for a               
           11' S'8 27  2340 I 1  7
little Bladder, of Water, occalionally found in dlivers Parts  Middle of
3 in -the right Line~  13 45 y6,1 29 50 $ .
of the Body. See HkD)ArIDES.                                 4C
HYDATIDES, in Medicine, are little tranfprn BasSmall oine following this
          .3   41      30    46
,or Bladders full of 'Water, frequently found in divers Parts  Lato  he 
ntergtLn      603 39    21 49 z8 :4
of' the Body.                                                           
             1766 1      37;4f03  7
Hydatde are moft common in dropfical Perfons, and are  Co  tig.toottom of
the Cup   18 443 it24 V9 41    6
fuppos~d to ai~e from a Dflention and Rupture of the' SOut  eet  aeo  h 
 u     25' 01 4b  30 i6 31 i
Lymph~du~s;  being foundchiefly in the Parts aboundinf
LunsEe)c - Teyare t    N                            261i41 x  30 4112.
in th~e VeI~le as te Lier, Lngs, c. -They  re  Nrth beneath Nafe of the Clap
 2  ~2   73
fometimes ound in klrical Cafe, See JAUNICE, ~'C. In A, againiff the laft
Preced.  T 337 39  31 35 34  4
We have Inflancesof Hyaie      oded both by Stool,      and South Bend of
South-     647- 40  633   26,1
"by Urine, and b~y' Vomitting. Thyaeof all Sizes) from    the Tail 
 2      L4f         9  44Z0~     ,  6
Za Pif'ead to a Pu46tsEg.5

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