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Chambers, Ephraim, 1680 (ca.)-1740., et al. / A supplement to Mr. Chambers's cyclopædia: or, universal dictionary of arts and sciences. In two volumes

                  A V O
wt.A-r .. I.^
tte tamina are fve extremely fhort and capillary filaments;
the antherm are cylindraceo-tubulofe; the germen of the
  piffil is very ihort and coronated; 'the flyle is filiform, and
  of the length of the fitamina; the fligma is bifid; and the
  feeds are of a comprefed turbinated fhape, and covered with
  a plumofe down. Vid. Linnv' Gen. Plant. p. 384.
ATRACTYLIS is alfo the name ufed by Vaillant for the ear-
  thamus, or bajlard-faffron. See the article CARTHA M US, SuppL.
AVENS, in botany, the Englifh name of a genus of plants,
  called by authors carqophyllata. See CAR Y OP H Y L LA TA,
AVOCADO, or AvocADo-pear, in botany, a name given by
  fome to the perfea of Plumier. See PERSEA, Append.
AVOSETTA, the Italian or modern name of a lenus of
  birds, called in Latin recurvir /Ira. See the article  ECUR-
  VIROSTRA, Subpl.
AURELIA, in natural hiffory, a fynonymous term with cby-
falis.  See the article CHRYSALIS, Append.
AURELIANA, in botany, a name ufed by fiome writers for
  the PANAX, or allheal. See the article PANAX, Append.
AURICULA, a name fometimres ufed for theforficula, or ear-
  wig. See the article FORFICULA, Append.
AURICULARIA, a name ufed by fome for the ear-wig, a
  very troublefome ;nfedt. See the article EAR-wig, Append.
AURUM, gold, in natural hiffory. See the article  OLD,
AWK, or AUK. See the article AUK, Suppl.
AX-vetcb, in botany, the Englifh name of a genus of plants,
  called by authorsfecuridaca. See SECURIDACA, Suppl.
AXUNGIA jolis, in natural hiflory, a name ufed by fome
  writers for the fubllance more ufually calledfi/efica terra.
  See the articlefleftaca TERRA, Suppi.
ABOON, in zoology, the Englifh name of fuch mon-
      keys as are ufually called by naturaliffs papiones. See the
      article PAPIO, Supp1.
BALANCE-fl/h, in zoology. See BALLANCE-fij, Suppl.
BALAUSTINE, a name given to the great double-flowered ]
  pomegranate. See the article PUNICA, SUppl.
BALISTES, in ichthyology. See the article B A L L I s T E S,
BALM, in botany, the fame with baum. See BAUM.
BALSAM of capevi, of capi'vi, in pharmacy and natural hif-
  tory. Seethe article BALSAM of copaiba, Suppl.
Male-BAUSAM, or BALSAM-apple, the name Qf a genus of
  plants, known among authors by that of momordica. See
  the article MOMORDICA, Suppl.
BALSAM-tree, in botany, a name ufed by fome 'writers for the
  terebinthus, or turpentine-tree. See TEREBINTHUS, Suppl.
*BALSAMINA [candens, a name by which fomre call the large
  fruited white bryony of Ceylon. See the article BRYONfA
  a/ba, Suppl'
BALSASNE, in botany, the name of a genus of plants, called
  by authors bafamina. See the article BALSAMINA, SUppl.
BALSAMITA, in botany, the name by which forne call cofl-
  mary a fecies of tanzy, See TANACETUM, Suppl.
BAN   -erin botany~, the Englifh name ufed by frome for the
  herb rhropber.  See the article CHRISTOPHORIANA,
  Suppi.             '.                    :      ?
BAR   Suppl.) -To BAR or STRIKE a vein, among farriers, an
  operation performed on the veins of a horfe's legs, or other parts
  of his body, in order to fop the courfe, Vand leffen the quan-
  tity of malignant humors prevailing there.
     t     performed: the' farrie opens the .in, 'after dif-
  engaging the vein, ties it Aboye and below, and ten fiikes
  between the two ligatures. Sportfm. Di&. in voc.
BARRACK S, in minitary afliirs, buildings to lodge foldiers
   in fortified tpwns, or others.  Thus we fay the-4arcs of
   thn Savoy, of Iublin, &c.'
   Barracks, when damp, are greatly prejudicial to the health
   of the fidiers lodged in them; occafioning dyfenteries, in-
   t   ttipg fevers, coughs, rheumatic pains, 'c. For which
   reafbn "uarter-mafters ought to be cael 'in' examining every
   barra-k, oflered by the magifrates of a place; rejeting all
        gros8f rs in houf-that haveeither been uninhabited, or
   have any fgns of moilure9. 'Vid. Pin2'le, Obferv. on the
   Dii.f~es of the Army, p. ~3  37, Wi and 97.
 BARRNworc, hi bqtart, the :Englf     name of a genuss of
   plants,  knw n  am ong  autho rs+  b~y  that  oft eitcediumt.  S~ee
 tB4R$ADOES-Eherr, inXbotny, the Engljfinime of aeu      s
   of pls s  cl e  by  authors  malighi.  ß e  A L P  LG  It IXA}
 > RB~fl5-tar, r# nJ fometin'ies    u~d for *the thick black
   kindofw  kpb~rm ^^SiX     the artce PI SSA$S P   L TjM,
 D  A >LI  A ,& in  botany, t he  ,~aie  ufeuted  A0fon   bota fs
 th  zfrv aor dodder. Se~ th  rile,C&SU UTA , w .pp
   D ATAT M  te  n~me  b21  ivhic  tji  pnt  producig  our PO-
      ta fe i   %X   £ tjzn s  called ' S ee  th   Ci ~ ~ T Q   5,,
 SuppLK t
   ,A- L   R '  bupo  In b,tanye ,the - iEx AfvnZ  o
   "lf:plants' .in.l-th bFy~l autamr. af S ~
   * , c jk b" pihf S+E4S7
     :~~~~~ ~~~ 4~6st>lte  rdlittL'9EaiS     ibs o~ft
             .~~~~~~~~~~~S Lk   Ni, . -Z9Yz.>L1.
BATCHELOR'S pear, a name ufed by fome for feveral fipeciea
of folanum, pr night fhade. See SOLANUM, Suppi.
BATTERING-ram, in the military art of the antients. See
ARIES, Cycl.
BAUM (Suppl.)-7urky-BAUM, a name given by fome to the
dracocethalol.  See the article DRACOCEPHALON, SUppl.
Shrubby-BAuM, a name ufed by fome for a genus of plants,
  called by authors molucca. See MOLUCCA, Suppi.
BAY (Supp.) -A-lexandria-BAY, in botany, a name given to
  the rufcus, or butcher's broom. See Ruscus, Suppl.
Cherry-BAYor cherry-LAUREL, in botany, the Englifh names of
  agenus of plants, called by Linnieus padus. See.PAnus,Appeind.
Dwarf-BAY, a name fometimes given to the thymelea of au-
  thors. See the article THYMELAA, Supp.
Indian BAY, a name gien by fome to a fpecies of myrtle.
  See the article MYRTUS, Suppi.
Rofe-BAY, a name ufed by fome writers for the chamesrododen-
Sweet flowering BAY, the Englifh name of a genus of plants,
  defcribed by Linreus under that of magnolia. See MAGNO-
  LIA, SUpp/.
BEAD (Suppl.)-BEAD-tree, in botany, the Englifhi name of a
  genus of trees, called by authors azedardch. See AZEDARACH,
BEAM-tree, in botany, a name given to the craqegts. See
  the article CRATJIGUS, SupPI.
Hard-BEAM, or horn-BEAM in botany. See the artice CAR-
  PINUS, Suppl.
BEAN (Suppl.)-Bog-BEAN, bug-BEAN,or baik-BEAN, names
  given to the menyanthes. See the article MENYANTHES, Suppl.
caper-BEAN, in botany, the Englifl name of a genus of plants,
  called by authors fabago.  Se e article FABAGO, Sppi.
Trefoil-BEAN, in botany, the Engiih name of a genus of
  plarts, called by authors cytis.-  ee CYTISUs, Suppi.
BEAN-tree, a name given to, a genus of plants, called by au-
  thors corallodendron. Seetheartitle CORALLODENPRON, SuppI.
Kidy-BEAN-tree, a name ufed by fome for the glycine of Lin-
  n~us. .iSee the article GLYCPNE, SuPPi.
BEAR (Sppl.)-Ant-BEAR. See thearticleTAMA NPDu      Suppl.
B1EAR'S ear, in botany, the name of a genus of plants, known
   among authors by that of auricla. See AuRiCULA, Supi
BEAR'S' earfqniA, in botany, a nane given by fotn6e t  the
  cor   of L  us. See the the article CORTUSA, &
J EAR sfot4, n  otany, a name given to    evwral  ide'es of
  ejere. S-See the articleHELLEOaus,       Lad   LE-
  BOR=E Cyd.
B3EAR1i feipp.)OlSd nuvi BEAD win .bohtan    a name tgven
   byfo       fime the ematis of authors. SeeCL:EMAT~, Ap .
BECCA-BUNGA, in botany, a namxnegivent     the Aqagallis
  aquatiq, called in Englif bro-le.   SW tffie article ANA-
aED         i AW, or ladiies BEDSTAW, i bqtapy, the E'gllffh
   name o a genus of plants, c   d by authors. aee
 .AZ *UM Supyil. A
 BE-wer, in botany, the W    A "name of a        Pas ofnts,
   called by'Uthbrsorchis.S    cHS, Si        , '
 BEE-. ,,f(& ppl.)                       , umb'. -i.E-.BEEy f -a r fpeciesoex.See
   articlet hUBL, * Suppl W^dj (..Ui.EX, dppnd.
[ BEER- fft.  S ee ZYTHOGA-iA, Su4J>
r           8        r,      1     rt      ,fBEETLSE (Supp.)-Oif.BiEET.E,
the Eng lfh Zname of thle
   mdcc~e of zoologifs. See thte article .E ona, 4pen. g

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