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Hackett, John; Gammon, Roland; Ross, Sayre; Breslow, Sally (ed.) / See
Vol. 10, No. 5 (Sept. 1951)

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Without cost or obligation, please send me full particulars about the course before which I have marked X:
Business and
Academic Courses
E Advertising U Bookkeeping
U Business Administration
7 Bus. Correspondence E Bus. Law
U Certified Public
U Commercial U Commercial Art
U Cost Accounting
U Federal Tax
U First Year College
U French L Good English
E Foremanship
U Higher Math.
U High School    U Illustration
U Industrial Supervision
U Motor Traffic
E Postal Civil Service
U Retail Bus. Management
U Retailing
U Salesmanship
U Secretarial U Sign Lettering
U Spanish U Stenography
U Traffic Management
- Typing
Air Conditioning and
Plumbing Courses
U Air Conditioning
U Heating   U Plumbing
U Refrigeration
U Steam Fitting
Chemical Courses
E Chemical Engineering
U Chemistry, Analytical
U Chemistry, Industrial
U Chemistry, Mfg. Iron
and Steel
E Petroleum Refining
U Plastics
U Pulp and Paper Making
Civil Engineering,
Architectural and
Mining Courses
U Architectural Drafting
U Architecture
0 Building Estimating
U Civil Engineering
U Coal Mining
U Contracting and Building
U Highway Engineering
U Lumber Dealer
U Read. Struc. Blueprints
L Sanitary Engineering
U Structural Drafting
U Structural Engineering
U Surveying and Mapping
O Electronics
U Pract. FM and Television
U Practical Telephony
U Radio, General
U Radio Operating
U Radio Servicing
U Telegraph Engineering
Electrical Courses
U Electrical Drafting
U Electrical Engineering
U Electric Light and Power
U Lighting Technician
U Power House Electric
. Practical Electrician
0 Ship Electrician
Internal Combustion
Engines Courses
U Auto Technician
U Aviation
U Diesel-Electric
U Diesel Engines
U Gas Engines
Mechanical Courses
U Aeronautical Engineer's, Jr.
U Aircraft Drafting
U Flight Engineer
U Forging
U Foundry Work
U Heat Treatment of Metals
U Industrial Engineering
, Industrial Instrumentation
U Industrial Metallurgy
U Machine Shop
O Machine Shop Inspection
U Mechanical Drafting
0 Mechanical Engineering
U Mold-Loft Work
0 Metal Patternmaking
U Wood Patternmaking
0 Reading Shop Blueprints
U Sheet-Metal Drafting
U Sheet-Metal Worker
U Ship Drafting U Ship Fitting
17 Tool Designing
U Toolmaking
U Welding-Gas-Electric
Railroad Courses
U Air Brake
U Car Inspector
U Diesel Locomotive
U Locomotive Engineer
U Locomotive Fireman
U Locomotive Machinist
U RR Section Foreman
U Steam-Diesel
Locomotive Engineer
Stationary Engineering
O Boilermaking
0 Combustion Engineering
U Engine Running
U Marine Engineering
U Power Plant Engineering
U Steam Engineering
Textile Courses
U Cotton Manufacturing
0 Rayon Weaving
0 Textile Designing
U Woolen Manufacturing
Hone Address
Employed by
A.M. to   -P.M.
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the course. So I took an I. C. S. Course and finished at the
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Age        Present Position

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