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Mother's magazine and home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

Young, Mabel R.
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Mother's '- Home Life
What Becomes of Sonny's Work
By Mabel R. Young
Sonny now goes to school, and almost
every day brings home some little article
he has made. H-Se conies home, full of en-
thusiasi over his work, telling just how it
was done, how long it took him, and above
all. how  carefully he did it. There is
pinde in his voice as he tells you about
it---pride in his bearing as he shows his
prize; for his work has meant thought,
effort, and painstaking care.
What becomes of his handiwork?
Probably it is praised, then laid aside,
to be lost or even thrown away. At first
Sonany is surprised and just a little disap-
Pointed when his work is thus disregarded.
Then he reaches the "don't care" stage,
where he often throws his pictures or card-
board toys in the street oii the way home.
Finally his schoolwork is done in a care-
less, hap-hazard imanner; for it has be-
come a mere task to be done. There is
no longer any incentive to much effort.
What can we do about it?
Here is one mother's idea. Make A suf-
ficiently large book of heavy brown %vrap-
ping-paper. either sewing it together or
fastening it with small clips in order that
additional pages can be added as desired.
lave sections for drawing, cuttings, folded
arti-les and pictures. Let Sonny take full
charge of his book, and paste in each
day's work after it has had due admira-
Iion. to keep it clean and safe.
He will take great care of his book. in-
eed he will be prouder of it than of the
most expensive volume you could buy him;
for th'is is his own, his very own work,
and lroves to him what his young hands
can do.
rhen not only will Soinny himself enjoy
the book. It will be a delight to younger
brothers or sisters. Many an otherwise
iuill hour will be joale bright and happy.
as together they inspect its contents, and
big brother re-makes their favorite articles
for them, just as he learned to do "in
school.- \"ERY woman looks forward
Eto the time when she shall
One     Farmer's        W   ife            become a happy     bride-the
greatest  adventtsre  of  her
From Page 13              lifc. And whets her dreams come
them in the dim light. And he said he true she is radiant with life and
saw his wife in a new sort of attitude.- love  lowing
more  beautiful than   beautiful, sitting
there and playing that wheezy old box, ergy, vibrant with hope for the fu-
and his little girl and the baby Jim lying ture.                                    Is
there on the quilt, and stupid .Tohn Walters
standing there and singing with a strainge  In a few  years, however, great
look on his face. le knelt there and
watched them and he . .. lie really did changes take place; gone are the il-
* .. e  rid  oflyand hfetiterlusions; the rocks of stern reality            cont
. .  h  cried softly .n  be felt better
. . . very much better.                 take the place of castles-it-the-air,
The next (lay they moved the box down Tired lines are etched is her face;
stairs, at .iim's special suggestion; and
one morning he went to Sophie and throw  perhaps her health is impaired; bc
his arms around her and told her he had "doesn't have time" for this or that
just negotiated for a piano . . . and was -the things she plasned to do "af-
going to pay for it on the easiest p l
lie could . . . but he was going to get trried."                 She is burdened   the
Gertrude and her mother have both learned with responsibilities which never should  anc
to play it, since. Yes indeed,-you see have been placed upon her frail should-      haL
I bad to blurt it out.
Solhie's house since, has become a very era.  Physically  and  mentally  she  is
nie place to live in, she says. They are growing old. Why?   Because more chil-
really very much happier. As the years dres have come than were fair-to her-
have gone on, Sophie has become quite an t
naioiplished musician. She's wanted when-
ever there's an entertainment; but more the Children themselves!
;ban that. she has been a veritable art-
ligure in the farming country. She has       Marriage-The Holy Thing               cas
talked to other farmer's wives and made                                             age
them see how music can bell) them; and     Why do wosen allow       marriage--the  tha
she says as 4 special example of what it
,an do.- to 1pok at her. She has arranged holy thing-to work this wicked trass-     str
for little gatherings at her house, and she fornation?                              for
talks to her neighbors about the musi-
cians and about the composers and she     Why should awoman sacrifice her love-     her
has pathered the finest little chorus you life-a possession she otherwise uses ev-  her
over heard.                              cry resource to keep?    Why does she
Most of the neighbors are in it. She has
a class for the children. She has developed give birth to a rapid succession of chil-  lie
some violinists too. She has induced a dren, if she has nesther the
teacher to 'oni' out there and open a means to provide for them no          T
music store in the town and give lessons, the pyia    sn       por
anid I am told that the lady who followed                                  Woman'strrond H
the advice is very happy and comfortably to care for them?                 TwotlasesWomen.
prosperous.     *                                                          Cries of Desair.
Now I have given her away. I am afraid.  Margaret   Sanger, the   ac-    x When Should a Woman
All her friends will know who is meant knowledgcd     world leader ot      Oath tedrol-A Pare,
by Sophie Brand. But I hope she wont the Birth     Coitrol movement         Problm or Woma
mind. And her husband is proud of her                                      a tatiteuce-Is it Prat
too, and I don't know whether it's because and President of the American     or Deirable?
he works with a happier mind for his Birth Control League, lis the         sAte Prhventative Mea
conversion to msusi, but things have asver for this most usonsen-           Cerahs
prospered with him right along.          tons problen  of wonankind.       Wimin and the Nealeo
Legislaing Woman's Mi
Why NotlBruth Control
Save the Seeds                 In her daring and startling       is Amerat
Nasturtium  seeds are splendid substi- book  Margaret Sanger gives       Progres We Have Made
lutes for capers in sauces. They will also
add flavor to the chowchow     or sweet knowledge she dared to print      iioaihope'Safth
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BE COMFORTABLE                                                 growin
--wear  the  Brooks
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which gives rupture   solid,luscious. ]or marketand             Mar
sufferers  immediate  cunning.      Ae moLa.t                iivesti
relief. It has no ob-
noxious  springs or   Mrs.RosieHardy.PiaeR.Wi.s
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loiver glwng  al      t  and en- BOX ROCKO.I
BROOKS ~  ~      ~      ~      ery vibrantC with hope fo thet fu-MirlalMc.  h
t bride at twenty-
Is the Husband o7,
Wife to Blame?
the husband or wife to blame fo
tragedy of too many children?
argaret. Sanger, the great birt
rol advocate, comes with a mes
vital to every married man an
knowledge for which she faced jail
d fought through every court to estab-
as woman's inalienable right to know.
For Every Married Couple
n "Woman and the New Race" Mrs.
iger shows how woman can and will
above the forces that, in too many
es, have ruined her beauty through the
s-that still drag her down today-
t wreck her mental and physical
ength-that disqualify her for society,
self-improvement-that finally shut
out from the thing she cherishes most;
husband's love.
in blazing this revolutionary trail to the
v freedom of women, this daring and
heroic author points out that
TENTS  vomen who cannot afford to
r ebt    l have more than one or two
Schildren, should not have them.
It is a crime to herself, a crime
ren?  to her children, a crime to so-
n's?   ciety.
e bo-
And now for the first time
Mrs. Sanger brings to the wom-
c11 of the world the greatest
message it has been their good
fortune to receive.
"Woman and the New Race"
is a book that will be read
wherever womankind struggles
BUL           FREE,Wonderful kind,
wil hboom. in pot sn house
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te     the  bhoe   nf the
th na        hs Canon.  -rtain
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for Titl Deed and Expenes.
Pat a fiaue (no two alike) in rash of
the a eaaen   hr      ng t ah.
owni of 15 hy addinar them, up aod
donand crossays
Send you, actatin with 7cois r0stage
with the evcer-present danger of too
many children. It is a startling,
mighty revelation of a new truth, a
work that will open the eyes of
tired, worn womankind.    It can
with truth and honesty be called
woman's salvation.
r         A   Priceless Possession
Every  woman   in the country
should have a copy of this remark-
able and courageous work. For
d this reason we have arranged a spe-
cial edition of "Woman and the
New Race," which is beiig sent oi
-na   approval. Send the coupon for your
copy of this wonderful book at once,
and if after reading it you do not treas-
ure it as a priceless possession return it
to us and we -&ill return your money.
The book is bound in handsome, dura-
ble gray cloth, has artistic black lettering
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per. It contains 286 pages of invaluable
information. To have it come to you,
merely fill in and mail the coupon below.
It is sent to yot in a plain wrapper. At
the special price of $2 there will be an in-
precedented  demand  for this edition,
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Do isot setnd money stow-just tlsc coupon.
Dept. T-471, 1400 Broadway, New York.
Truth Publishing Co., Dept. T-471,
1400 Broadway, New York.
Gentlemen. Please send me, in plain
wrapper, Margaret Sanger's book, "Wom-
an and the New Race." I am enclosing
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It is understood that iv money will be
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