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Mother's magazine and home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

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Mother's - Home Life
.   1.A
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going to sell papers for us, for we're going
to be partners. You'se just bet he's the
swell guy !"  Johnny looked with pride
upon his benefactor.
"le's always been that-rather-too much
that," said Margaret in a tonie to reach
Daive's ears only.
"Oh, we had the loveliest dinner !" ex-
claimed Mary Lannigan. whose      pinched
face testified to her need for several such
"We had turkey and sweet potatoes and
gravy and pies and cakes and lots and
lots of candy and nuts," added Jennie, her
eyes shining with the remembrance of the
good things.
ALL that had never been bought with
the money that Margaret had fairly
squeezed out of the charity organiza-
lion. As she glanced at the table shoved
into a corner, she recognized upon the
serving dishes the crest of one of the ex-
clusive clubs to which Dave belonged.
"Oh, that's nothing," objected Dave, em-
barrassed at this revelation of his good
"And I suppose it's nothing to buy all
the warm clothes for Mrs. Robbins and me
and the children." exclainied Mrs. Launi-
gan, tears flooding her grateful Irish eyes
as she displayed to Magaret, one after an-
other, the useful things piled under the
The children crowded about. delightedly
displaying their wonderful mechanical toys,
dolls, books, and other trinkets, for Dave
had bought a lot of just Christmasy things
with nothing to them but joy.
How did you find Mrs. Bauer?" asked
Margaret, half resenting his interference.
"I read the address from the card as it
lay on your desk that day in the office,"
he answered somewhat sheepishly.
"And he came right over that very af-
ternoon." volunteered Mrs. Bauer.
"In his great big automobile," Pat Lan-
nigan fairly shouted  in   his  eagerness.
"le's been here 'most every day since and
he let us kids sit in it while he talked to
Mrs. Bauer."
"And one day," burst out Jennie ex-
citedly, "he let us all go with him and
Mrs. Bauer when they went to the big
stores.  They  wouldn't let us    go  in,
though," she added a little disappointedly.
"But it was great fun to sit inside and
watch the lovely ladies and children,"
said Mary.
As little by little she gathered from
exclamations and hints all that Dave had
done, Margaret, the professional charity
worker, felt very small and    hard and
practical.  She had stretched a point to
give Mrs. Bauer her humble wish. Dave
had filled the place to overflowing with
real happiness, and had given them a bit
out of his own brighter world.
"But Im forgetting ill niaoutt the tea!"
Mrs. atiuer lifted the lid of the tiny stove
and poked the fire.
Dave drank his tel from a cup with-
out a saucer, a heavy earthen one at that,
with all the grace lie would have shown
at any social function. Ile was entirely
at ease with Mrs. Lannigan and Mrs. Rob-
bins. but toward Margaret he betrayed de-
cided embarrassment. The others were all
very nice to her, but a little pang shot
through her heart wheii she saw that the
children really considered her a outsider,
while they treated Dave as though he
It was six o'clock when the neighbors
gathered tip their precious belongings and
"I'll be over next week, Johnny. to see
how our business thrives," was Dave's part-
ing word to his partner.
S THE door closed behind the last
guest, Mrs. Bautier said quietly. "I'll
get ready. now," but it was toward
Dave that she looked as she went into the
tiny box of a bedroom.
Margaret turned to Dave for explanation.
"Do you think I'd let that old lady
go to the poorhouse? There's enough flot-
sam and jetsam to fill all those places. but
Mrs. Bauer's going to have a real home."
Dave spoke with a depth of earnestness
that Margaret had never before seen him
"Where is she going?" asked Margaret
very meekly.
"She's going up into the country to live
with my old nurse in a wholesome, com-
fortable home."
"Does Mrs. Bauer know ?"
"Yes, and she's very happy."
"Why have you done all this. Dave ?"
"Because I wanted to. Is that reason
enough? It's the first time I've ever had
a chance really to come near such people."
After a pause he added, "I'm beginning to
understand, Margaret, why this work grips'
There were tears in Margaret's eyes and
she could not speak.
"I'm willing now, Margaret, to let you
go on with your work in your own way.
and perhaps I can help just a little."
Laughingly he continued, "You could at
least let me furnish the red velvet, you
There was no touch of the professional
charity worker in the girl's face now. It
dimpled and curved to feminine softness,
and happiness drove the tears down her
cheeks as she snuggled into Dave's arms.
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