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The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7 (June, 1903)

Gandy, Katherine
Girls' summer hats,   p. 51 PDF (889.4 KB)

Page 51

The Ladies' Home Journal for June 19o3
Cash Prizes to Cooks
See Below and Tell Your Wife
$7,500.00 Donated, to be Divided Among
Family Cooks
The sum of $7,500.00 will be distributed be-
tween now and midsummer amongfamily cooks,
in 735 prizes ranging from $200.00 to $3.00.
This is done to stimtulate better cooking in
the family kitchen. The contest is open to
paid cooks (drop the name      hired girl," call
thiem cooks if they deserve it), or to the mis-
tress of the household if she does the cooking.
The rules for contest are plain and simple.
Each of the 735 winners of money prizes will
also receive an engraved certificate of merit
or diploma as a cook. The diplomas bear the
big gilt seal and signature of the most famous
food company in the world,The Postum Cereal
Co., Ltd., of Battle Creek, Mich., the well-
known makers of Postum Coffee and Grape-
Nuts. Write them and address Cookery Dept.,
No. 330, for full particulars.
This remarkable contest among cooks to
win the money prizes and diplomas will give
thousands of families better and more deli-
cious meals as well as cleaner kitchens and a
general improvement in the culinary depart-
ment, for the cooks must show marked skill
and betterment in service to win. Great sums of
money devoted to such enterprises always result
in putting humanity further along on the road
to civilization, health, comfnort and happiness.
Minneapolis M Waist
Sold at Dry Goods Stores
A perfectly comfortable undergarmnent to
which trounsers and skirts are buttoned. These
buttons ae on stiong tapes which unite and
run over the shoulders where the mnnaximum
of weight nests. The figure grows enect anid
the firn fabric is a revelation in wear resist-
ance. Great for lively youngstens.
That Newest
winich all mothers like, is a
pair of eyelets inn tle wide I
garter tapes. The safety pini
doesn't touich the skin andI
can't pull out unless tine pin I
breaks.  You will like it.  On i
tine Minneapolis M  Waists I
only. Insist on having thenn.
Minneapolis, Minun.
"Mum "
clean     odorless
takes all the odor
out     of    perspiration
25c by mail, postpaid, or at drug-
and department-stores.
Girls' Summer Hats
Designed by Katherine Gandy
w ~,
T HIS Gainsborough picture hat is made of Irish point lace. The
facing is of tulle. The edge of the lace droops over the edge of the
brim. The trimming consists of a wreath of flowers around the
crown. A chou of soft satin taffeta ribbon is placed under the brim
at the left side. The model may be developed in all-over embroidery.
- --t
T HIS hat may be made o
gandy or silk, the brim b
after the pattern of a rosep
trimming is a double pliss6
chiffon, and the facing is of
P ICTURE hatof black tulln
and the facing are madec
of tulle, which, at the edgeo
form a narrow ruffle. BI
feathers are arranged at or.
f eit er cr-
eing formed
petal. The
e quilling of
e. The -rim
of bias folds
of thle brim.
lack ostrich
e side.
HIS dainty hat is made of white tulle.
The edge of the brim is finished
th marabout feathers. One large
trich feather is arranged along the
im, falling over the hair.
NAFTERNOON toque made of tulle
and straw suitable to wear with a
gown of voile or silk to church or when
calling. It is trimmed with a drooping
spray of carnations.
A TOQUE of ecru straw trimmed
with a bird, suitable to wear when
traveling. This is one of the new toques
with the coronet brim which fit closely
to the head in the back.
T HIS dressy toque is suitable to wear
with summer gowns. The crown
and facing consist solely of tulle, and
the greater part of the brim is a wreath
of geraniums with their foliage.
MUM MANUFACTURING CO.           Philadelphia
SAVE $2 TO $5.
HA          HAT BLEACcleas natural color
straw hats, hwever old and-7
soiled,  inn  nninutes,  making
the  bright and  fresh as newn.
or other  straw  witholut  inijur-
ing thenm. Easily applied by
anyone. 25c.packagewillclean
eight hats. Sent postpaid.
HAT BLEACH CO., Xenia, 0.
24 Pett Buildinn.
WPrfc  ITJC For Ladies
Fitting       tuand Gentlemen
Stylish  Pn  dinn nan y sit,-enl N
$3.00 up. omeio   n nil.
Ills. Catalog  Fee.
TO State Street      Cilcago
A  STIFF straw    hat intended for
general wear. It is made of coarse
strawand trimmedwith fruit in a blended
scheme of color. The facing is of finely
tucked chiffon.
trimmed with a large chiffon silk
flower on top. The brim is bound in vel-
vet, and a velvet chou placed on a ban-
deau raises the hat slightly at the back.
The vogue of unlined gowns of thin
fabric this coming season demands spe-
ciallyvdaint y and artisicpeniCoatsand
corset Covers.
have the smartness, fit and grace of the
latest hand-made imported models, Ne:
their price is a marvel ofmodesty. You
can be sure of getting the newest design,
and the most satisfying garments i
every detail if you ask for "National"
undermuslins when you shop.   Trade-
mark on the hem.
()rder fron  us, if  yoi r deIler Inns n't tlhemnn.
Dainty pair of Doll's drawers, wist 4 inn., l1:
:i im.. sent prepaid for your dealer's
name and 10 cents in stamps.
FREE     rIl    nm;- t  ,-titic
h    nn rin n no klen ItI ree). N\.itn1nnit.
Dept. B,              Indianapolis, Ind.
Pear s'
Pears' soap is nothing but
Pure soap is as gentle as oil
to the living skin.
Pears' is   the
best toilet soap
purest and
in all the
Sol all oeri the world.
Regal Shoes by Mail
O        ove r 22) 0,0 mnar ntd gninnn r , t ruar <utmn-
ers nf our Mail Ordr Dnlnprtment. tnn-tth of
one per cent. nnf gross sales represents the number
not tited with first pair of shoes.  Every customer
is suited.  We absolutely guarantee this.
Regals ensure latest styles from Paris, London,
and New York, in all standard leathers and Valvic
Calf-a new porous leather of which we have ab-
solute control.
Only   genuine Oak   Bark Tanned    sole leather
used. Regals go from " Tannery to Consumer" -
eliminating four profits- $6.oo shoes for $3-50;
$3.75 carriage charges prepaid.
Write for spring style book, samples of leather
and complete instructions for ordering by mail.
48 exclusive stores in United States and Great
Britain. r6 in New York City alone.
Mail Order Address: 119 Summer Street, Boston
Asky, yuHair fr
< The Patent Pompadour
ueior t nny  r   0bttt uIe fr tis
F ni u r  fanh inn  I  1i r i
lnvery I  x  ontnn   these go .dsl""r
/           this " Trade-Mar.  Hewareof
Dewey's Improved Acme Dress and
Corset Protector
Better and cheanper thnn Die-. Shleldn, beinng nn cnon-
plete garment, ala   radto w
TheBeet Shied torbiccle riders. Onepairdoestheworkofsiz.
Nm. 1. 1 < 1:., r.-  I, $ .65 No. 2. ustn easure 34-39, $ .80
No. 3. tu.t 91Meas::e 4:45. 1.00 No.4. Bost Metrsure 46-49. 1.25
Agents Wanted. Cataloguer tree. Send Moser Iny P. O. Ordter.
M. DEWEY, Manfr, 1395 B, W. Monroe St., Chicago. Ill.
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