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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

Ufford, Helen
The new table ensemble: china and silver of the same design,   pp. 38-39 PDF (930.6 KB)

Page 38

Here is the Grosvenor design n silver and china
Here we used the Noblesse design in silver and china
And here the Deauville design in silver and china
NE WS  . .
in the friendly Georgian dining-room shown on page 18, this candle-lighted table glows hospitably
A   NE    adventure for tne nostess--cnina to matcn
her silver!
The makers of Community Plate have selected
A       three of their most popular designs-Grosvenor,
Nolesse and Deauville-and have created for each a
china service of the same design. In each case the design
of the china captures, most artistically and graciously,
the spirit of the silver design, as well as the actual motifs
of the design.
At once then there is perfect harmony between the
flatware and plates at the individual places, and this har-
mony may be carried out, too, in the hollowware, the
candlesticks, the salt and pepper sets. Patterns in the
glasses will be suggested to further the harmony of the
ensemble. Then to complete the table-symphony, all
the hostess has to do is to choose a table-cloth, plan the
central decorations-and light the candles!
WN e re very entnusiastic about the table-cloths that we
chose as backgrounds for these silver-china ensembles.
Every hostess associates the name Mlosse (pronounced
Moss-say, even though it lost its accent somewhere in
the past) with inspired ideas in table-coverings: and here
we show (in the first picture above, left) their glistening
green cloth, Mer de Glace, of silken weave, with a grace-
fully designed monogram on the napkins; a felicitously
striped cloth, Cabaila (below, left) which you can buy by
the yard, to make a cloth of any length you wish; and a
tea cloth of linen and lace, with an inserted center panel.
On the candle-lighted table above is the handsome,
gracefully scrolled Venetian Scarf design. And on the
table in the center, left, is Atlantic, a brilliant and
successful linen damask design in the modern feeling.
Each cloth was chosen because its design and texture are
in key with the design of the silver and china and glass.
Community Plate (flatware and hollowware) and Community China, Oneida Community, Ltd., Oneida, New York. Linen: Atlantic design, from The "Old
Bleach" Linen Company, Ltd., New York; Venetian Scarf design, from Brown's "Shamrock" Linens, Ltd., New York; Mer de Glace cloth (with monogrammed
pkinO. cl ,t of Cabana desin. and t-, 1,0t and napkins, from 1,sse. Inc. New York. Glass, Bryce Brothers Company, Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Flower
.1.:.  r . 1 -!,m -in Elkrm, Nw Yr  Codls ,\ a-Is. Will an! R . :.'  ] C mpany, Syracuse, New York. Tea biscuits, Huntley and Palmers
Ph, " ,  ,   ,,hI
the GOOL!) ST(I /10
.     .     0     0    0
Tea table with Grosvenor
tea set and tea china.
by HELEN     UFFORD, Hostess Editor
ff W                       41 rj.
; It

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