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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

[Cover] Delineator - June 1931,   pp. [unnumbered]-1 PDF (1.5 MB)

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J UN E, 1 931
"Pink Tooth Brush" really serious?
- I
Ip a n a tooth paste
YOU: Is "pink tooth brush" really serious?
DENTIST: It can be. But its seriousness largely depends
on how long you have had it.
You: I've had it for quite a long time -for years, I suppose.
I remember I was rather worried when I first noticed that
my gums were tender and bled easily. But not worried
enough to do anything about it. Why should I have "pink
tooth brush"? I take such awfully good care of my teeth!
DENTIST: Anybody may have "pink tooth brush"! Mod-
ern diet, you see. Soft foods. The gums need exer-
cise to keep them healthy, just as one's muscles need
work. Without exercise - work, if you please - your
gums grow logy and dull. They get soft-a bit flabby
-and in time become so tender that they begin to
You: And after that?
DENTIST: Well, "pink tooth brush" makes it easy for any
one of an entire group of gum troubles to get a
start. Vincent's disease, for instance, gingivitis. Some-
times, even pyorrhea, though that particular one is
rather rare.
You: I haven't any of those terrible things, have I?
DENTIST: You'd probably know it if you did! But even
if you haven't, there's another reason to stop "pink
tooth brush" quickly! An unhealthy condition of the
gums is likely to spoil the natural polish of your
teeth. If you let it go on long enough, the roots of
some of them may even become infected. And that
may threaten some of your sound, white teeth.
You: No, thanks. I'll get rid of the '"ink tooth brush" instead
of my teeth ! What's this about massaging Ipana Tooth
Paste into the gums, to stop "pink tooth brush"?
DENTIST: Ipana has ziratol in it. Ziratol is what we den-
tists use for toning and stimulating the gums back
to health. You see, the Ipana plus the massage speeds
up circulation in the gum cells and firms the walls.
Try it. Just clean your teeth with Ipana- it's a splen-
did cleanser. Then put some additional Ipana on your
brush and massage it lightly into your gums. Once
or twice a day. In a month or so your gums should
be considerably harder and healthier than they are
right at this minute.
73 West Street, New York, N. Y
Kindly send me a trial tube of IPANA TOOTH PASTE. Enclosed is a
two-cent stamp to cover partly the cost of packing and mailing.
Name...........     ...........................................
Street..............   ....................................
City.................  ....... ............ State.............

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