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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

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Page 82

Let's see
what the
D   OCTORS expect certain things of a
1    laxative. They insist on something
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important questions must be answered to
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The things that doctors
look for
Doctors say a laxative should limit its
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It should not rush the food through
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A laxative should be safe-and not be
absorbed by the system.
A laxative should be mild and gentle
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stimulate the intestines-which would
weaken the natural functions.
It should not form a habit.
It should not gripe.
It shouldn't shock the nervous system.
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that tastes like chocolate
up the Austin for Rodne
was the car you heard
another, you'd have hear
No. Well then, Fred did
at all. He arrived by mo
lished that yesterday.
rated.  Juniper-Junipe
Sophia, crashing her fist
as though Juniper were
"Did you notice, when
day with Lal, how he in
his boat in toward the ne
he landed last time? Tha
Behavior-behavior's th
clues. Only a momenta
The second he remember
again, and came round t
usually lands. He chose
that night, because it w
while he undressed the bo
Nancy jumped. "Un
what body?-Fred's?" I
sion, Sophia's theory had
men had walked up to th
that Fred had not been p
until his own feet had c
own bedroom. But now
taken a flying leap on to
"Juniper carried Fred u
easy with a dead weigh
weight, over his should
with Fred's clothes, bu
animal, and Fred was a
That all fits in. Don't y
seeing things fit in?"
But Nancy, far from t
feeling sick and disgusted
"If Fred had been a
landed, Juniper would na
him in our bay instead o
wanted cover. Why did h
Nancy remained silent.
"Well?  Well, child?
"I wasn't dreaming.
You see, you're using t
landed next door as a p
already-already uncons
dead, when they landed
use something as a pro(
guess, and you only g
landed, from that one s
when he brought Lal ove
Sophia could have ki
being merely obstructive,
Why should you shield
Good heavens, child, you
him, I suppose?"
N.1NCY also wondered
ing Juniper, when she
to have the crime settled
ders, so that Lal's might
she argued with herself, it
wanted a conclusive case
let these flaws pass. T
enough-to clear Lal. I
supported. Though it se
fighting against Lal, she
for him.
Sophia paced up and
Then she stopped by the
leaned over it, holding ou
she said. "I was hot and
asperated. After all, you
cool room all the aftern
right, of course. Only do
the tie left in the suitcas
Juniper undressed Fred
room, or if Fred had un
died afterwards, that the
put back in the suitcase,
have been left in the suitc
were brought up that
turned out and scattere
Does that strike you as so
what about the other Bal
Nancy's sentinel instin
again, but it was no good I
that the behavior of Herio
of Prince Louis, and of-
shown a certain freakishn
"But, Sophia," she p
possibly imagine that the
of them . . . I mean . .
matter to them? Why sh
Sophia agreed that it
pose that all the members
distinguished house-party
murder Fred Poole with
Continued from page 8o
y Sant; and that   silently to put the responsibility of the mlr-
? If there'd been   der on Alots. Her explanation of their mys
d it, too. Did you?  terious reactions was perhaps a little silly, but
n't arrive by road  not so silly as that. She clung to the notioji
tor-boat. I estab-  that juniper's was a solitary crime, but that
Now it's corrobo-  various events had made the others of hi,
r-Juniper!" cried  party suspicious; and instead of communi
down on the table  cating their suspicions to the police-"a
contained in her  every one should do", put in Nancy, de
murely-or, better still, handing them over
he arrived yester-  to Sophia, they were each one separately be]]
stinctively swooped  on the glory of following up the crime and
xt door cove-where  discovering the murderer.
t was a give-away.    "And there's another point. The doctor
e only safe line of  said that Fred, when he saw him, had been
ry lapse, of course.  dead for twelve hours, or possibly more.
ed, he swooped out  That means that he died about half-past ten
o our bay where he  the night before. According to Paul and Pru-
the one next door,  nella-what luck that those children were
as better screened  tearing about all over the place that night!-
dy-   "            Fred wasn't in his room, alive or dead, up till
dressed the body-   half-past eleven, anyway. Thereforehemust
n their last discus-  have been dead when juniper carried him in*
been that the two  The police are fools. Those are all lines
e villa together and that they ought to be covering all the time."
oisoned by Juniper    "Tea!" called Joe at the door, "and the
arried him into his  milk's high, Nancy!"
she had once more
a fresh theory.     IN SILENCE they joined the others, and
p to the villa. Not  drank their tea without milk. Joe was just
t, literally a dead  going to say that it looked like herb tea, and
er, and a suitcase  then decided not to. Nobody was at all happy,
t he's a powerful   except perhaps Paul and Prunella, who were
light little chap.  not there, but drifting quietly together down
ou get a thrill from  the bathing pool, too absorbed in what the,
were saying to each other to pay any heed to
hrilling, was merely  the lightning, beating its wings on the horizon.
"It's begun," remarked Joe, as the first
live when Juniper  faint rumble of thunder promised relief froni
turally have landed  the tension. And Nancy and Lal sighed, a-
f next door, but he  though they had had a little too much t
e want cover?"      bear, and were glad some of the burden wa
about to be lifted from them.
Don't sit there     The storm suddenly rushed over the sc,]
towards the coast, as though it were drivei,
I was reasoning.   by whips. Marie-F6lise screamed from tli
he fact that they  kitchen. Lhonie was heard rating her. Sil
roof that Fred was  vre was heard rating Lonie. Hercule cried.
cious, or perhaps    juniper stood at the window and sang in a
. . . but you can't  rumbling undertone that matched the thun-
of which is only a der. Because they did not know what he was
uessed where they singing, it had an ominous Russian quality.
werve of Juniper's  Actually, it was English, but out of tune,
r. "           and in a minor key. Nancy watched him and
Iled her. "You're   wondered ... and wondered if this were
instead of helpful.  what he crooned while undressing Fred.
Juniper like this?   Then there was a lull. "I wish it would
're not in love with  hurry up," murmured Lal. Hewasverypale,
and there were dark circles under his dark
eyes. juniper stopped singing. The kitchen
why she was shield-  sounds had ceased also. Even Hercule
so ardently desired  A blazing sheet of lightning ripped across
on any alien shoul-  the windows; there was a crash of rain and
be free. But then,  thunder directly afterwards, straight above
was just because she  the garden.  In the turmoil let loose it
, that she couldn't  seemed as though lightning and thunder.
his was not good   rain and garden and sea, were all mixed up
t had to be better  together in a wild fury. Two figures in bath-
emed as if she were  ing-costume streaked up the path, laughing
was really fighting  faces turned up to the rain-Paul and Pru-
nella. just as they passed the aloe-Pm -
down her room.    nella's special and symbolic aloe-it broke
writing table, and  under the weight of wind and rain . . . and
t her hand. "Pax!"  that too, was a relief; it had slanted so long
miserable and ex-  at that strange angle.
've been sitting in a  The lightning was licking everywhere, now.
on. You're quite    Paul and Prunella tore up on to the balcony
n't forget the tie- and into the salon.
e. It's unlikely, if  Then the telephone bell rang, startling
only up in his bed-  them, at such a moment, with its reminder of
dressed himself and  a mechanical insistence which could beat even
tie would have been  the storm.  It rang and rang.  "Don't
but it would easily  answer it!" commanded Joe, speaking above
ase if all the clothes  the thunder, like Jove. "It's dangerous with
way and the rest    all this electricity about."
d about the room.     Sophia waited a moment to see if it would
und? Good! Now,     stop. "I can't just let it ring. We should
morals?"            all go mad." And she lifted the receiver, un-
ct sprang on guard  daunted by the frightful cracklings.
retending to Sophia  Lady Humber, amidst a hurricane of
t, of Aunt Lucinda,  cracklings, squibs and thunderclaps, an-
vell, of Lal, had not  nounced exactly what she thought of a friend
ess.                who invited as a guest to her house a man who
leaded, "we can't  had been a guest in a friend's house, but
y all-or that any   who had been asked to leave, for reasons un-
. what does Fred  known to the friend who had invited him
ould they have?"    away from the other friend, without realizing
was absurd to sup-  that her friend must have had reasons which
of Lady Humber's   she could not tell even to a friend.
were combined to     Sophia heard about a third of this; but she
out a motive, and   blessed the thunderstorm as an excuse for
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