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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

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Page 79

JULY, 1931
~fe k new he
Kill it, and play safe," in-
stinct told him. "Let it bite;
you may learn something,"
his scientijt's mind replied.
. . . yet he let the mosquito bite!
IT was hot and steamy, that afternoon of September
13, 1900. In the yellow fever ward at Las Animas,
Cuba, a young doctor moved slowly down the dreary
row of cots.
He was a member of the Yellow Fever Commission,
whose job it was to find the cause of the dread "yellow
jack." Mosquitoes were suspected.
He paused to watch a mosquito that hovered above
his hand. "Kill it, and play safe," instinct told him.
"Let it bite; you may learn something," his scientist's
mind replied.
Twelve days later, Dr. Jesse Lazear died of yellow
fever. Today, this scourge is practically extinct.
The real history of medical progress dates only from the
discovery that sickness and infection are caused by
germs. Disinfection was practically unknown sixty
years ago. Today it is almost a religion with the medical
profession-and whenever there is a real job of germ-
killing to do, doctors turn to "Lysol" Disinfectant.
"Lysol," when diluted according to directions, is
non-poisonous-yet all recommended dilutions are sure
germ-killers. In any situation in your own home where
you have reason for doubt, play safe-use "Lysol."
Use it properly diluted wherever germs are apt to lurk
-on wounds, cuts and human tissue; in the household
on telephones, doorknobs, woodwork, nursery furni-
ture, baby's toys, and utensils.
"Lysol" is the most economical disinfectant in the
world, too. Every drop will kill 200,000,000 bacteria. A
tablespoonful diluted makes four quarts of non-poison-
ous disinfectant. Get a large bottle of "Lysol" from
your druggist today. It is your surest safeguard against
sickness and infection. Meanwhile, send for "The
'Lysol' Health Library" of three free booklets: "Pro-
tecting the Home Against Disease," "Getting Ready
for Baby," and "The Facts About Feminine Hygiene."
Thousands of women have found them invaluable in
the home. Just write Dept. 30B, Lehn & Fink, Inc.,
Bloomfield, New Jersey.
"LYSOL" for Feminine Hygiene
For forty years, "Lysol" Disinfectant has been the standard
antiseptic depended upon for feminine hygiene, by women
throughout the world.When diluted accordingto directions,it is
absolutely harmless tohumans-yet its cleansing and disinfect-
ing action is so thorough that it kills harmful germs under con-
ditions that render many preparations completely ineffective.
@ '93, L. & F., Inc.
Doctors and hospitals the world over depend on "Lysol" Disinfectant today
Be careful! Counterfeits of
"Lysol" are being offered.
Genuine "Lysol" is in the
brown bottle and yellow
carton marked "Lysol."

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