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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

[Delineator fashions],   pp. 88-95 PDF (4.5 MB)

Page 89

J U N E, 1 931
THE                   SEMI-SHEERS
A   TAILORED          PRINT                      DARK      DIMITY
3899   This year you can get sheers         3891 Dimity can come to town if the
with  tailored  type prints and    dark     dress is the street type like this one,
grounds-perfect for town wear.      For     the color a street color, and the print a
that necessary touch of white on this blue  small tailored one. Smart white cross-
and white georgette frock, there is the     over collar, and short sleeves-nine out
large split bertha. All-around flare. For   of ten have them now. For 36 (size 18),
36 (size 18), 4%  yds. 39 in. print. De-    41/ yards 32-inch printed cotton. De-
signed for sizes 14 to 18 and 32 to 44.     signed for sizes 14 to 18 and 32 to 44.
COTTON         GEORGETTE                 ANOTHER        TAILORED        PRINT
3909 You can't keep cotton out! Here        3943 This summer lets you look your
It is in a town frock of navy cotton        best in town in frocks like this with a
georgette. It looks almost like silk, and   soft cape instead of sleeves. The flared
most people will think it is! Again, the    skirt is attached in up-and-down seal-
smart touch of white. Graceful flare, soft  lops-a good line, you'll ind. The fal-
jabot, and drop shoulder sleeve. For 16     ic is blue and white dotted georgette.
(size 18), 3%  yds. 39-in. cotton.  De-    For 36 (size 18), 5 yards 39-inch print.
signed for sizes 14 to 18; 32 to 44.        Designed for sizes 14 to 1S and 32 to 44.
3 8 9 9
3 9 0 9
. 4,
3 8 91
-              4
ip3944               3 9 14          3 90 5
K T.~
3 9 4 3
3944 That's the way of fashion this year
and  here is the most famous of those
white-above-black-helow frocks. It has ex-
tra large revers, and buttons on the diag-
onal. The flared skirt is attached to give a
waistcoat outline to the upper part. For
36, 2%  yards 39-inch silk crope; 2%  yards
39-ich contrast. Designed for 32 to 44.
391 4 White prints, as you know, are the
prints. This one is white on beige. The
bertha crosses in front and forms a sash.
The eight gored skirt is cut to mold the
figure all around and then flare suddenly
from just above the knees. For 36 (size 18),
4%   yards   39-inch  printed  silk  crtpe.
Designed for sizes 14 to 18 and 32 to 44.
3905    Dark, sheer and cool.  You won't
see it on everyone-not yet-heause it is
an exclusive fashion at the moment. You'll
recognize its chic in this frock with a
crushed girdle slipping under a panel, m(li
a very flattering double jahot. For 36 (size
18). 4% yards 39-inch georgette. Frock dle-
signed for sizes 14 to 18 and 32 to 44.
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1. J

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