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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

[Continued articles and works],   pp. 46-58 PDF (8.1 MB)

Page 46

O7e4 WAd wo  fI4tle and
e    o wod in comTod
0OT10 fVc iflo 
T O go about every hour, sure that your feet are looking
their best . . . to reach the day's end without a trace of
foo! weariness . .. such is the luxury every woman longs for.
Foot Savers will bring it to youl For here combined in the
smartest of shoes are the very qualities you seek - Style,
Fit and Comfort . . . Their lines, their leathers, their details
of design are as trim and debonair as your newest Paris
gown. Their lasts are made to fit any type of foot. And
their patented inbuilt construction keeps the arch in perfect
balance and gracefully accents the ankle's curve.
This invisible Foot Saver feature distributes evenly the body's
weight and equalizes the muscular movement. Strain is ban-
ished . .. ease assured ... and style triumphantly achieved.
If)ou ban not alread seen our neu Fashion Booklet picturing the many smart
Fr Saver model, ue shad be dligbd to sendyou a copy with our complimenti!
THE JULIAN & KOKENGE COMPANY, 418 East 4th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Please send me, without charge, your portfolio of Footwear Fashions.
Continued from page 19
A new manner of curtaining a doo
Gloria gauze, headed top and botton
also shirred on a rod at each muntih
They are just as much at home in a Georgian
scheme as they are in a modern. These are
painted blue-green to match the woodwork.
Before we leave the windows we'd like to
call your attention to the new metal radiator
enclosures, which come in sizes to fit most
radiators, and whose simplicity makes them
quite inconspicuous. We painted ours blue-
green to match the woodwork.
Even the hardware is a new design, in solid
brass of course, and is exactly in scale for
.he room.
Georgian furniture fits in so well with the
pleasant, easy formality of our lives today,
its scale is so suited to the size and shape of
our rooms, that the enormous popularity it
enjoys is really not extraordinary.
The furniture in our dining-room is pat-
terned after the pieces made by the great
English and American cabinet-makers of the
eighteenth century. Of course it is all manu-
factured in this country, with such fidelity
to the spirit and feeling of the original, that it
is another tribute to the taste and skill of our
American manufacturers.
To carry out the symmetrical balance of
J ~F~(I~ I
modern luxuries that we are not willing to do
without, so we placed it in the lower cup-
board of one of the corner cabinets. Here it
stands ready to pour forth music of the
finest orchestras in the land.
The table setting is fully described on page
38, but we are anxious to have you note the
silver tea service, and the suavely graceful
water pitcher, set on their silver trays on one
of the commodes. You know, of course, that
it is possible now to obtain silver designed to
suit the period of your dining-room. Re-
member this when you are buying wedding
presents, or when some friend, who is more
than kind, asks you what you want for your
next anniversary.
Between meals, most dining-tables have a
bare, even desolate look, that is not relieved
to any extent by the dinky bowl of flowers
placed somewhere near the center. DELINE-
ATOR, believing that the dining-room table
should look graciously and completely fur-
nished at all times of the day, has captured
the perfumed joyousness of a summer garden,
by placing three great bowls of roses along
the shining expanse of brown mahogany.
Continued  from  page 44
I had forgotten how refreshing it is-toilet
water, light perfume, bath salts-in the
smartest kind of bottles and the freshest,
cleanest scents.
Heavenly bath salts and talcums stand out
in the summer parade: pine, three lovely
pine ones, fresh and sleepy as the heart of a
woods; new, stimulating, cool cologne ones,
very decorative too; lavender, rose. And with
most of them, there are talcum and dusting
powder to complete them. Oh, keeping clean
and fragrant can be a delightful thing!
Have you seen those tissues that are like
hankies? Marvelous-so soft and firm and
thick. Tissues are enchanting colors now.
Even the business of removing cream has been
made charming with color-peach, or leaf
green or yellow or pink-like a gay quilt.
And so another summer comes sauntering
by - make this one specially yours--prettier
than you have everbeen before in allyour life,
more feminine, more baffling-sweeter (dear,
dear, how men do like us to be sweet!) Keep
your spirit serene and your face lighted. Oh,
here is a thing a friend discovered for her face
that is "her one" to release it from tension:
she thinks of her face as spreading wide, wide,
almost as if it opened straight down the cen-
ter and spread 'way out. Feel the tension go
from the center of your forehead and your
brow smooth out into the serene, noble, still
thing that a brow was meant to be?
saunter along with June and look for
yours-everything that was meant for you,
that speaks to you in your own language-
and then have the courage to take it.
A woman who has never found hers has a
face like a bird that neither sings nor flies.
Don't let that happen to you! There always
is a yours somewhere. And especially in the
gracious, flowery month for which the
calendar man selected the name of June.
our scheme, we placed two bow-
front commodes against the walls,
directly opposite one another. On
each of these, sheltering a candle,
is a hurricane candle globe of hand-
blown glass. WVe placed another
hurricane globe on the card table
that stands between the two win-
(lows. These globes are not heir-
looms because they were only
blown the day before yesterday,
but doubtless they will be in an-
other generation or so.
This talk of glass brings us to
these miracles of crystal loveliness,
the lighting fixtures. There is a
chandelier hanging from a tur-
quoise ceiling, and four bracket
lights, two on each of the end
walls. They are reproductions, of
course--but such marvelous re-
productions that they bring inimi-
table luxury and elegance to the
The Staffordshire is also modern.
If you look closely you will see a
whole herd of china cows roaming
across the mantelpiece, and you
will notice that the pieces inside
the cupboard are arranged with
careful regard to their relation to
the panes of glass.
The bull's-eye mirror over the
fireplace is also of contemporary
manufacture.   So are the fire
screen, the andirons, and the
shiny brass implements of classic
mold. But most wonderful of all,
the pert little clock on its bracket,
between the windows in the oppo-
site wall, has an accurate electric
The radio is another of those
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