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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 118, No. 6 (June, 1931)

[Contents] Delineator contents - June 1931,   pp. [2]-3 PDF (1.3 MB)

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* Rosemary Sprague is the small daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Atherton Hall Sprague, of
Amherst, Massachusetts
She's the belle of
and nol
Rosemary Sprague is an up and
doing youngster-and her
mother tells one reason why
JUST the turn of her head and the way
she plants her solid little legs spells
independence. A tiny New Englander,
roaming the college campus in that lovely
town of Amherst. A large collie and a
perfectly mammoth St. Bernard act as
constant escorts, but Rosemary considers
them companions, not protectors.
Every student in the place is an admirer
of Rosemary's. She's so quick on the trig-
ger. Always ready for a romp and too
husky to be hurt by a general mussing
up. She has a smile for every lad she
meets under the Amherst elms.
It's hard to believe that once she was
yet five
not doing any too well. Not sick, but just
not gaining. On the advice of a great child
specialist her mother began cereal feed-
ings. The cereal the doctor recommended
was Cream of Wheat.
"Rosemary simply throve on Cream of
Wheat and picked up at once," says Mrs.
Sprague. "So there's no doubt about
how good it is for her. She eats it twice
a day and certainly is full of life."
Child specialists recognize Cream of
Wheat as an ideal food for infants and
growing children. That is why 221 leading
men in New York, Chicago, San Francisco
and Toronto, give it unqualified approval.
Cream of Wheat is exceptionally rich
in energy and so easy to digest that this
energy is very speedily released. It's
safely triple-wrapped, and easytoprepare.
Children deserve the best. You wouldn't
give them anything else, regardless of
price. Cream of Wheat is of the highest,
purest quality, and its price is surprisingl:
low. Every child may have it, and you'r,
safe in giving it.
Cream of Wheat is very inexpen-
sive-forty generous servings in a
package, at less than one cent each.
The Cream of Wheat Corporation.
Minneapolis, Minnesota. In Canada,The
Cream of Wheat Corporation,Winnipeg.
* TUNE IN on Cream of Wheat Radio
Program every weekday morning at 7:45.
Broadcast over station WJZ.
FREE -a wonderful child's game
All children love the H. C. B. Club with a secret
meaning. It makes ajollygame of their morning
cereal. All the wonder working material is free
-badges, gold stars and big new posters with
stirring color pictures of childhood heroes-
Joan of Arc, Roland and Oliver, Richard the Lion
Hearted. We will also send valuable child health
booklet. Mail the coupon to The Cream of Wheat
Corporation, Dept. V-36, Minneapolis, Minn.
Child's Name .........    ..............----
State         -------------------------------
To get sample of Cream of Wheat, check here O
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