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Graeve, Oscar (ed.) / Delineator
Vol. 119, No. 1 (July, 1931)

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JUl. Y,      I ~3   I                                                                                                                                      1) 11 1 IN    IIA  '1' C) R
THE Beutiful
Finish of the
Mad e
Many coats are used to give a
nairror-like sheens to Ford hod.
les. Iustless Steel is another
reason for enduring beauty
mEN you buy the Ford you buy enduring
As you drive it from the showrooms for the
first time you will have a feeling of pride in the
glistening sheen of its body finish and the bright
silvery luster of its exposed metal parts. With
reasonable care you can maintain that good
appearance for a long period.
Months of constant service will put many
thousands of miles on the speedometer, yet you
will not think of it as an old car, nor will your
friends. And when the time comes to trade it
in, you will find that the lasting beauty of its
fini-h is a factor in re-sale value.
There are definite reasons why time and
weather are kind to the Ford car. First is the
body finish, with its primer coat, two surfacer
coats, two double coats of pyroxylin lacquer,
finish solvent coat, polishing and buffing.
Through long experience, the Ford Motor Com-
pany has found the way to make a body finish
that will stand up under varying weather con-
ditions in every part of the world-through the
heat of summer and the cold of winter.
Another important reason for the enduring
heauty of the Ford is the use of Rustless Steel
for the radiator shell, head lamps, hub caps,
cowl finish strip, gasoline tank cap, radiator cap,
door handles and rear lamp.
This remarkable metal will not rust, corrode
or tarnish under the severest weather conditions.
It never needs polishing. All it requires is wipl-
ing with a damp cloth as you wipe the wind-
shield. Its gleaming luster is never lost. There
is no plate to scale or chip off because it is the
same bright metal all the way through. And it
\~\ \               '.hr.
A- -kIl   t             -t-
1TL~tJ  ~ ~    !~'7~         ~   IL
A Beautiful Near Ford Body
From all over the mountry coie enthu-iastir comments
about the new Ford Town Sedan introduced but a few
weeks ago. Motorists everywhere have been quick to
note and appreciate the richness of its appointments and
new features of comfort and convenience.
The body of the new Ford Town Sedan is longer and
wider. Seats are newly de-igned, more luxurious and
restful. Front or rear-wherever you ride-you travel in
real comfort in this beautiful, roomy car.
See it-sit in it-ride in it-and you will know that it
i  an outstanding example of high quality at low cost.
A choice of upholstery and body colors is offered.
Before Rustless Steel was adopted by the Ford
Motor Company it was put through many severe
tests. In one test, samples were subjected to a
salt spray for four hundred hours, or the equiv-
alent of forty years' service. There was not the
is exceptionally difficult to dent because                 slightest suggestion of tarnish, rust or
it ha" twice the    .trength of ordinary                   corrosion. Seventy-six acids, alkalis, etc.,
steel.                                                     likewise failed to dim its brilliance.
In a further effort to prevent rust, the Ford
Motor Company is now treating the wheels,
fenders, running boards, running board shields
and front splash pats with Bonderite before
they are enameled. If the enamel is scratched
sufficiently to expose the raw steel, this new
treatment will help to stop rust from spreading
and causing the enamel to peel.
The careful finish of the Ford, the Rustless
Steel, and the Bonderizing process add a con-
siderable amount to the cost of manufacturing,
vet the cost of the car itself remains low. These
outstanding features, like so many others, are
made possible by the Ford low-profit policy.
Every purchaser shares the benefits of large
production and the efficiency and economy of
Ford methods. The first cost of the Ford is low
and you can purchase on convenient, economical
terms through the Authorized Ford Finance
Plans of the Universal Credit Company.

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