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Pictorial review


Vance, Arthur T., Editor
Pictorial review
Vol. 29, No. 8
New York: The Pictoral Review Company, May, 1928
124 pages ; 35 cm.

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[Title page], p. [1]

"What are the young people coming to?", Parton, Mary Field pp. 2-3

Who said Hollywood was wild?, Janis, Elsie pp. 4-5

Four ladies of the French embassy, Collins, Frederick L. pp. 6-[8]

Money won't buy it, Veiller, Bayard; Gilbert, William pp. 9-16

My mister, Singmaster, Elsie p. 17

How can you hold the man you love?, Lane, Rose Wilder; Parkhurst, Genevieve pp. 18-19

Please excuse Velma, Montross, Lois Seyster pp. 20-21

Youth walks under the willows, Ryan, Stella pp. 22-23

The children, Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937 pp. 24-29

Movie riche, Carrington, Elaine Sterne pp. 30-33

The home bureau, Barber, Edith pp. 34-35

Vegetables for health's sake, Barrows, Anna pp. 36-37

Old-world ways of cooking liver, Jordan, Ruth Washburn pp. 38-39

A cottage of homelike simplicity, Stevenson, Collier pp. 40-[42]

The outdoor room, Kennedy, Elsie Drew p. 43

Get acquainted, pp. 44-45

Summer vacation plans, Field, Margaret pp. 46-47

The commencement of your beauty, Ashley, Doris Lee pp. 48-[50]

The salads of spring, Litchfield, Marion pp. 51-53

The babies' almanac, Coolidge, Dr. Emelyn L. pp. 54-55

[Continued articles and works], pp. 56-96

[Embroidery patterns], p. 97

[Continued articles and works], pp. 98-[100]

[Clothing advertisements], pp. 101-110

[Continued articles and works], pp. 111-121

Unusual fish dishes, Gervais, Felice p. 122

Sugar-mixtures [damaged page], Smith, Helen Treyz p. 123

[Continued articles and works] [damaged page], pp. 124-[125]

[Cover], p. [126]

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