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The ladies' home journal


The ladies' home journal
Vol. XX, No. 7
Philadelphia: The Curtis Publishing Company, June, 1903
52 pages ; 41 cm.

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[Cover] The ladies' home journal - June 1903

[Masthead] The ladies' home journal, pp. 1-2

[Title page] The ladies' home journal - Vol. XX, No. 7 - Philadelphia, June 1903, p. 3

The girlishness of Ethel Barrymore, Kobbé, Gustav pp. 3-4

The Lambert girl, Flower, Elliott pp. 5-6

The eighth proposal, Von Hutten, Baroness p. 7

The man we want to marry, Halsted, Carolyn p. 8

Betty Maria's guard, Portor, Laura Spencer pp. 9-10

Two little savages, Seton, Ernest Thompson pp. 11-12

The American girl two-step, Wood, Ada Gertrude p. 13

The world and his wife, p. 14

Mr. Mabie's Literary talk to girls, Mabie, Mr. p. 15

The young girl at the matinée, Bok, Edward p. 16

The truth about girl student life in Paris, Van Winkle, Reverend I. p. 17

The council chamber, Cox, Mrs. James Farley p. 18

The story of Correggio's "Holy Night", Van Dyke, Professor John C. p. 19

The outdoor wedding, Kingsland, Mrs. Burton p. 20

The neat-handed girl, Weir, Jeannette p. 21

Houses saved for on less than $15.00 a week, p. 22-23

The good-time garden, Kingsley, Florence Morse p. 24

The journal's puzzle page, p. 25

Some secret-society college girls, p. 26-27

A girl's social life in summer, p. 28

Mrs. Rorer's method lessons, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. p. 29

A girl's gift to a girl graduate, Wells, Carolyn p. 30

Japanese and Chinese embroideries for girls, Griffin, Lillian Baynes p. 31

Good health for girls, Walker, Emma E., M. D. pp. 32-33

Mrs. Sangster's heart to heart talks with girls, Sangster, Mrs. p. 34

The lady from Philadelphia, p. 35

The journal's trained nurse, Banfield, Maud p. 36

Correct speaking and writing, Withey, Elizabeth A. p. 37

Dolly's economical ideas for girls, p. 38

The young mother's calendar, Coolidge, Emelyn Lincoln, M. D. p. 39

The eighth proposal [con't], Von, Hutten, Baroness p. 40

Indoor fun for rainy evenings, p. 41

Sunshine ideas for girls this summer, Alden, Cynthia Westover p. 42

Menus for girls' entertainments, Rorer, Mrs. S. T. pp. 43-44

Mrs. Ralston's chat for girls, Ralston, Mrs. p. 45

Little men and little women in summertime, Ralston, Mrs. p. 46

The white dress for girls, Ralston, Mrs. p. 47

The new summer shirtwaists for girls, Holden, Katherine Vaughan p. 48

The girl and her outing gowns, Ralston, Mrs. p. 49

The girl who makes her own clothes, Hooper, Emma M. p. 50

Girls' summer hats, Gandy, Katherine p. 51

Mrs. Ralston's answers, Ralston, Mrs. pp. 52-[53]

[Cover], p. [54]

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