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Graeve, Oscar, Editor
Vol. 118, No. 5
New York: Butterick Publishing Company, May, 1931
116 pages ; 34 cm.

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[Cover] Delineator - May 1931, pp. [unnumbered]-1

[Contents] Delineator contents - May 1931, pp. [2]-3

The living Delineator, Graeve, Oscar pp. [4]-[8]

Don't sleep through the summer, Phelps, William Lyon p. [9]

Adelais the lovely, Barrington, E. pp. 10-11

Half a loaf, Lewis, Grace Hegger pp. 12-13

Drums and dancers, Singer, Caroline p. 14

With loveā€¦ from Anne, Moore, Olga pp. 15-16

Lost dog, Sangster, Margaret p. 16

That terrible talkie test, Spinola, Helen p. 17

Wisdom of the desert, Bercovici, Konrad pp. 18-19

The shortest night, Stern, G. B. pp. 20-21

How shall we furnish our sun room?, Platt, Joseph B. pp. 22-23

Now would you believe it?, p. 24

Playthings for children, Meek, Dr. Lois Hayden p. 25

[Delineator fashions], pp. 26-29

M.M.M. means more milk in the menu, p. 30

Shake and serve, Batchelder, Ann p. 31

Another page from our food diary, Batchelder, Ann pp. 32-[34]

Buying satisfaction in your refrigerator, Pennock, Grace L. p. 35

Penthouse, England, Elizabeth pp. 36-37

The mystery about us, Cole, Celia Caroline pp. 38-39

Table news, Ufford, Helen pp. 40-41

[Continued articles and works], pp. 42-46

From a middle-western window, Cook, Elizabeth pp. 46-47

[Continued articles and works], pp. 48-80

The magic rabbit, Bacon, Peggy p. 81

[Continued articles and works], pp. 82-[84]

Watch the iron in children's food, Batchelder, Dr. Esther Lord p. 85

[Continued articles and works], p. 86

[Letters to the editor] For and against, p. 87

[Continued articles and works], pp. 88-101

Down yonder, Cooksley, Bert p. 101

[Continued articles and works], p. 102

[Delineator fashions], pp. 103-109

[Continued articles and works], pp. 110-[117]

[Cover], p. [118]

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