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Mother's magazine and home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

Fox, Charles Donald
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Page 18

Mother's - Home Life
Cured Her
Knowing from terrible experience the suffer-
ing caused by rheumatism. Mrs. J. E. Hurst, who
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hking, rasping for breath.
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cf-a   Thoverds         to this treatment and finding
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GENUINE ATLAS TREATMENTects you right so quickly
you are amazed at resuhs. Write at once for a FREE TRIAL.
and booklet dewribincorigin of ASTHMA and BRONCHITIS
send L-ca ad "dres with your age and description of sick-
nes. <0 rect to     -
Can -ow be Dermanently relieved. lun-
dreds of cures of extreme cases reported.
Wooderfulplesaiant low cost, new home
treatment does it. No operation, pains,
discomfort or danger.  rks while you
sleep. Reduces 'r.lanted glands to nor-
mal by mild slectric treatment. Patents
onsaplian e granted by U. 8. end Can-
ada. Money back Guarantee. * Write
today for FREE iluotrated booalet to
COMASPlARMACAL CO.S14Cosas i ft.Watertown.Ws.
Habit Cured or No Pay
Amyform.cigarscigarettes.pipe. chewing ersnuff
Guaranteed Harmless Complete treatmentsent
on triaL Costs $1 00 if it cures. Nothi  if itfasia.
SUPFRBA CO. E-s BALTIMOw              MD.
Piles Can Be Cured
Without Surgery
-        . tire b ,,k has been published
b. i . A   . McCleairy, tie neted rectal spe-
cialist of Kansas. City. This book tells how
sufferers from Piles can be quickly and
easily cured without the use of knife, eels-
sors, "hot" iron, electricity or any other
citting or burnIng   method, without con-
Oinement to bed and no hospital bills to pay.
The method has been a success for twenty-
three years and in more than six thousand
cases. The book is sent postpaid free to
persons afflicted with piles or other rectal
troubles who clip this item and mail it
with name and address to Dr. Mc:Cleary,
574 Parkriew Sanitariam, Kansas City, Mo.
Catarrh Germs
C1            le bae tried this discovery of a
*   .   u - st wish mazirg rcsuls. Laez
c ae-- ad bmas in a few Minutes. Catarh
aSi tr' :~a, ar.oa are serm dleases ad this kills
the pra  You impros hke magie. Relief is won-
derful, You don't bave to pay a ent to get the
regular cllal trestet. Just sed name. After a
good tal if no sartsfsed send back the rematnder
of the Peakage nd aH chases Is Cancelled. it de-
llgist.  rYu can pay te smaill tharge of pwdea
at r, : Ths Is ms  r'*: trial otfer. Wrte
L.--t-----t! Co., 41' Lalea bldg., Kansas City,
Ift          I tat-Sage.
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-/  reduced" offer.   My treatment
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Iae taken ffur treatment and
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It dot jst as you say. I hae
reduced a pound a day and feel
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These are just examples of what my treat-
ment can accomplish. Let me send you more
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I- s -I d oe al 31tZ botl
Whn   t,]   W send T.  1111tt
FREE TRIAL When cmpletelyreodsend el C.
AdA~rves 9. 41, a ass ame su., BM. Mary, sinsae.
Valuable Illustrated Book Sent Free
How thousands of women, by the simple
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eadtho-Nev ate. the. won-
as'erh.1 te 50.n~~saet~b
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tisg.aee I t" rewisdrde
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porary relief.
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Bladder Weakness
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f~f~ITDE I
Helps for Scenario
Well, I am certainly glad to see that so
many of the readers of this splendid little
magazine are interested in writing for the
screen. Aside from the many questions I
am answering this month in our columns,
I have received and answered many, many
letters from our readers, all of which thank
us for inaugurating this department. Please
feel entirely free to adress me and ask
me any question you wish. If you en-
close stamped and addressed envelope I
will be only too glad to render you what-
ever service It is in my power to give.
Last month I asked those of our readers
interested in scenario writing to be logical
in what they wrote. This month I think
I will how to start a photoplay,
Of course the very first thing the writer
must do ere he can essay a start is to pick
a theite to write about. Now most ama-
teurs seem to shudder every time the word
THEME is used. What is a theme? Do
you know? I venture to say that many
of you do and yet not knowing that you
do become discouraged because of the tech-
nical quality of the word theme.
The theme of a story Is not the idea of
the story as so many people think. Every-
time you pit down to write a story, just
because you happen to have a good idea
for one, ask yourself this important ques-
tion-"What is the purpose of my story?"
In that way you will learn just exactly
what the theme is-for the purpose of a
story represents the theme.
Once you have the theme selected and
set down firmly in your mind, you must de-
cide upon the beat possible way to begin
your story.
Probably you have heard of Aristole-
the father of all dramatic craftsmanship.
He said that every story must have a be-
ginning, a middle and an end.     Sounds
quite simple, doesn't It-but how many
of you follow that rule when you write?
Once you have decided upon the begin-
ning of your story you must make all that
occurred before the characters were intro-
duced to your readers, very plain.   We
must know just who the characters are and
what part they played in each others lives
ere we met them.
Now a novelist will not find this a diffi-
cult thing to do because he can begin his
story with the birth of ble characters, If
he wishes. Winston Churchill. famous
writer, did almost this when he wrote his
splendid  story  "A  Far Country."   We
became acquainted with the two central
characters while they were mere children.
As the story progresses we came to know
them better, and every act of theirs re-
flected their actions and traits as children.
But to the Photodramatist no such o
portunity exists. He Is bound by certain
limitations.  And because the photoplay
must be told in a certain amount of space
-the average five reel picture takes 75
minutes to film on the screen and is about
5000 feet long-the writer of this form of
literary effort must think considerably be-
fore he sets a pen to paper to start his
Give this point deep thought, those of
you who are interested In writiu and
next month we will go into further detail
about writing photoplays.
Q. Has the outsider any chance to sell
original scenarios to the studios?
A. The amateur, which I presume you
mean has every chance to make a sale but
it is not an    easy  thing, unless your
stories are presented by a well known
broker or agency.
Q. If I send you a story to read will
you read it and if so will you make any
charge to do so ?
A. I will be glad to read your scenario
and I will NOT     make any charge for
performing this service for you.
Q. How can I get in touch with Norma
Talmadge, Mae Murray and Alice Cal-
A. I am sorry that I cannot answer
this question for you as I am restricted
quite  naturally to giving my time to
questions and letters about scenarios.
Q. What do you know about the var-
lons correspondence schools that claim to
be able to teach writing for the screen?
A. There are just two that I know of
that can really do this! A stamped and
addressed envelope will bring the names
to you.
Q. Must one enclose return postage
when writing to the studlos?
A. If you are thinking of sending a
manuscript It is certainly necessary to en-
close postage If you wish it returned in
the event the studio to whom you are
sending It can nout use same.
Fine fog-sized     IL
ng toian in urea-
log Senfor30 packs
ILOWER needs. I0e
lareepark. Er  i
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Dr. Cannaday    510 Park Square    Sedalia, Mo.
The Bee
Cell Supporter
Made from the purest. softest rubber.
Six cups or faces reader misplacement
absolutely impossible. Endorsed by the
medical profession. Send us $3.50and
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FREE BOOKLET                                 /
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risk. Wrt toay BesI no reoneUMy9

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