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Mother's magazine and home life
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 (January, 1923)

Isaacson, Charles D.
One farmer's wife,   p. 13 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 13

Mother's - Home Life
WillYouTakeCash                                            One Farm
For Your SpareTime?                                                  By CHARLES I
What is tlutna'Oi
Wil yo tke~at $3 aweek
for   o            th re
hura day?Retadlyperoffer.                            T WOULD be e ffetiv     finer
I m  eat et oe a limited namber of  an
e                                                  if I z  eld tell 6w  her real
Winte fr hEggYil
n Re       e    ier time. aame, It she wouldn't I
amaine  sosegtfie dioubet ha o f                     it. Loving he   so ch, I
earde    noen rde byn m  oulrye t
the us of a ompouditant sience hat ialopretd
a"n o     days. A hig pan t.                          couldn't disobey her slight-
waiting fos  st tinca ther woe hel The  can  acts
wnderful new di-onery. batsrours cano  t am will 11 envy           o        oru  e
Othersace   frorg  and au dnooube An tr eb
FREE write mb o  a  'thesge ceBth e) to                        il   lr    b
iroedt T      s    you e mn mr iand gne                   Sophie         b
FRick.                                                   will give yott her foicture as
Thmseis theset easesito tnd e.Muices wfrA evept      shes-s
cvrd ,t07 Cottage Croneee. hicago. In.
Abot six months ago. I wrote a little
wtory for ab aagaine, entitled "'Trl  Farm
$1p0acag                                    opportrnities the farm flk have
I     S       0       9S            and Music";arnd itt it I tried to show tire
pcao gain a musical possession. alell, 
'oti know  thait witcn it rrpper, , fli tl
aL few ladies sat down arid wrote me sorde
lovely letters.  Some   were  better than
otothers, ahed some meant more to me than
ethers; but every single sheet crsamye as a
present I honored. To see thos   letters!
For quickarelief try I     s   o      To feel the heart-bets which sounded i
arek arkably effecti v e o on pdif c the lines s I read them  aloud, to realize
ferent from all others. Safe and     the pictutres of the homses from     which
sanefor young and oad. Pleasant      they cacey and to imagine the life of the
11 -noopiates-Upsetstomach.         people, the   families, their  friends.  I
'~  6c sies eerywere.coulldn't wait to answver them         all; I sat
Sn  n       s     e                  right down aid did it, and I believe that
what happened since has made it possible
d a r  sfor me to knew  that I have some faue
friends on farms olut your way. Dear
frendsi  I shake your hands across the
Easy Now              to Double page, and greet you again. '
But one woman, Sophie Brand, stands
afln    the rest. She is a figure I will
~,T nte   Eg     'Y   eld       never forget.  Some day I hope to make
her the heroine of a great story. It would
Wite         only 30    Yeleds
e a great story, if I could only do justice
to Sephie.
roven Remedy Gives   emarkahe Results-      She is one farmer's wife. She lives out
Turns "Boarder" Hens Into           in the wheat contry in       little shack
Profitable Layers-              ahout five miles from   town.   I laugh-
not snobbishly but sadly, at the word.
Witer egg yields, double and treble those of former There are about three hundred  in the
years. are now being made by many poultryrmen through town, according to the census and the
then use of a compound that science has finally perfected. hest encyclopedia.  Investigation  finds a
few stores there, and a weekly movie
S          show. There's a large town about twenty
miles away.
Sophie's husband was a good soul. But
She was hemmed in by circumstances.                               It
a                          couldn't be expected that everybtdy cold
be like Sophie. Mr. Brand married bet'
when she was eighteen, and now she's
forty-two.  I've looke i  careftlly at the
photos I have received, the tin-types and
all that; but I must cofess that Sophie
was never what you might call a yeaoty.
Btit there's a look in her eye and a smile
This wonrdcrful medicine, which Is called "Hick's Egg- on her face that'sa mere beautifuil than
Lay." onains rare and expensive ingredients mied s0 beauty.  'More beautiful than beauty"-
as to  mbickly increase uie egg yield. The medicine acts
ood tim eproductiv organs and causes double ad treble
the usual nrumber of ova (the germn cell of the egg) to  In Mr. Brand's house when Sophie mar-
e prodriced. Thu you get many more eggs and get red him, there was an old box.   It is
them during the time they bring tire highiest prices. about this box that I want to tell you
Hick's Egg-Lay is prepared for convenrience in tablet next.  I might have put a title on my
form. Simply dissolve one tablet its a qurt of water.  tr  Spi  n  h  o"  eas     ht
This is rhegsurest.e easiest and quickest way ever din- story Spi  n  h Bxbcueta
covered to et mo  eggs,                      w   d be nearer the point.
Jim Brand hardly ever noticed this old
A Trial Costs aon Nothing            box. It was in the way, several times he
Wriae an once forg ful partiwlars AddressOnc
r. Hick is so ofidert that Hick's Egg-Lay Tabletsm                                ne
will double and treble Your egg yield that he is making he was going  to break  it up for firewood.
a Dcil guaraneed orfer iof one regular doubhl 4 strength But something stayed  his hand, for evi-
$1.00 packrage of Egg-Lay Tablets and a full nine $.0 dently the box wa' meant for  slthing
package of Hick's famous Lice-Go ail for $1.0.   better.  Jim   reme  frbered that hifmother
Lice-Go is added to tlhe drinkirrg water. The medicine Ulsed to do something with it. Btit that
taken into the systemI of ihe bird comes oet through the
il glands of tire skin nrd every louse or mite quickly wa ago, when he was a mere
leaves tie body. Keeps Ahe birds always free without infant; and then as time went on, it was
the poultry raiser doing soy wort. If you would rather never touchedF
have two $p0 packages of Egg-Lay Tablets or two  entil Sophie came into the hor se She
$1.00 packages of Lice-(io insread of one of each. say so was a shy girl when she first came home
on your order. send $1.00 today (currency, money order.
cheek. tc.) to Citas. M. Hick & Company. Dept. f15a with Jim   Brand.  She had been brought
1018 So. Wabash Ave.. Chicago. Illinois. If you prefer,  p in a very strict way, she ba  worked
scud no money. tint your ninre and address and pay hard, and she knew  that she was going
ilostmao $1.00 and postage onl delivery. if. after thirty to work jtust as hard when she mnarrie d-
days' trial you are nt absolutely satisied write Mr.h                          ne
ick anr your mosey will be refinded  This offer isl                                 er
'bsolutely guarantecd, so don't hesTtate to make t oe test father's place.
Do you think, dear reader, that there
eis anything to this notion of mine-name-
y that it makes no difference where 
all three given for selling  person lives or how she was born. or aty-
oy                        w Flower Seeds  thing of that sort. whe  it comes tol a
at csw special ability or genius or idea?                    I mean
samplen lo rg to a k Gen  sippose you are living on a farm, away
smne  WEt tRUST Y         from  city life aod the goings-on of the
mony.   WE T.41.    Y        BU.   city-can yot be  touched  by inspiratio
_____CA14*CZD~________________________   or . . divinity thet's not inerstood b s
Evthose abot you?   I have met frmker boys
Hew     aal aton  FREk who had the gift of God for eloquence in
og andt lok wie.I ,, e aboutbone e in a writing and musif-aIld they got it, only
al osre actor. ciciaca soraiio  God knows how. I wish that youl'd think
Shtieonnetheftream.                        e about the notion.
trimabout aiveemilesceromotmake friendgh-
sdtnn    o d     in ' d     ssd Is. fr . 9.   For unquestron bly, this Stphie Brand.
anatta' suhcitnd this Mine Year ninewill be ertF5E
T. hw ee. living     out there  in  her father's small
M.__Murphy._Sey.,_61 __W._43dSt.,_Deptt house, grew   rp with a musicl genius.
She t els medthat she loved to sing. Of-
tentimes as sre'd be ott worki  t in the
D     Fnnee T  nos youLING B . OUTFT   fields, she'd find  herself humming  and
rAtbewntlr wi% eneol Itea.k Tres o and  singing thngs she had never hebrd  cor
FeseinabenlikeeSophie.e.MrREBr-ndemarrisd her
P A?"."'wh sroh                                 was eighten nod    noowriw  shrk  Ae'srk.
weith ctfOit ,achn  lr FeRp ra poetan, n  At th  chrh her voice wotuld sound out
-beautifully in the hymns. She had a no
ptio rIys sirce she could lse her mind,
that she would be a musician.    She read
01 5TALKING   MACHINE           about them in the magaziet tat came to
WB PAY CHARGES          the houre and she always felt a raling to
Hndlsome metal case including mtlsie-never a calling from her home, no
 I record given Prepaid forsellong indeed. With all its work and all its fail-
onlylzhoxeMenthoNov Save augs, she lover the farm. There is some-
t cantiseptic Ointment. Sell at thing abouit the farm which never can be
Special Price, Z5c. Return the found in the city. I speak for myself. 1,
dI'm suresofuit
$3.00anhonogp     .     who live in the crowded parts. ith mr-
We tust you. OgdenhToday  lions at my elbow. I speak for my own
Addnaes.:     U.S.SplyC.SDKrj8 Orus=vosPL  unconquerable -yearnings and satisfaction,
each summer, when I am able to join along
w       eith farmer friends, in te regular routine
of the day's dities.
A   G   Ew                                      on tSoph vgewas happy i  her place-as are
We need epecial agt to otravel           the countless thousands of good women
by Autnmokile introdaeing ear great        who live as she does. Btt she wanted to
dentlyanhe boxawas meant fortsomethin
Feed 5'sti.,napY. wtoed aekrd           gve herself to music-not entirely, not to
Fe   . r.t a Scope ry inH shjrk her work, hut part of the time. Rir
Infant;i.                               ande the  as timer wetontt      a
earn $6 to $12 a day, .l1 enpare  int     p~ents couldn't Uderstand Sophie-I .o
and attain a Automobile FREE be            not blame them-neither does Sophie. iley
Writ, stocn fr furl partila.  dress   cowidn't be  expected to see through the
AMERICAN PRODU                          clouds.  They were har     ta work front
7215 Aricsllm.abealil. morning to night, and what could a lot
er's Wifh
of nonsense like music do for them? Al.
I am sorry for them--they didn't know.
If Sophie had been given some music anr1
allowed in some way for I little while io
learn to play or sing, what it would have
done for them. They only could think of
the immediate thing. Sophie begged her
father and mother to let her buy i piano
or an organ or something, but no, they
wouldn't think of it.
Then there was the box at the Brand
house. Sophie didn't discover it at once.
One day in ransa'king the garret, she
found it. She couldn't iiagine what it
might be. Then she saw a hook, and she
untooked it, and then she lifted the tol,
and there was   . . well, Sophie was so
hippy, that she couldn't speak. She did-
n't know what it was exactly, but it was
a piano or an organ, she wasn't sure
which. Later sie learned that it was art
organ, because one ihad to pump it with
his feet. She would press a key and it
would sound a note, if she pumped the
bellows correctly.
It was what she had prayed for and
cried for. And now what could she to
with it? She spoke to Jim about it, but
toe wasn't enthusiastic: told her he had
been thinking of throwing it out.
"I want to learn to play it. Jim," she
cried, clapping her hands in delight.
"Fiddlesticks!" said Jim.
But she had determined that with the
box in the house, she could learn. No
matter what happened. She ransacked the
papers for information on how to play it.
She tried to work it out herself, and hav-
ing native genius, she recognized when her
fingers made harmony and when they did-
n't. She had a hard struggle of it. There
is no use going into the whole account,
but finally she could sound out the hymns
and some songs, and she could play all the
old melodies. She even played her own
I like to think of Sophie as she must
have looked up in the garret, playing that
little wheezy organ.
At first, she had moved the organ down
stairs. The hired manr helped her, one
Sunday morning: >ut Jim objected. "He
was a good soul," said Sophie, "my dear
husband: but he didn't like it. I was
sorry for him, but what could I do?" So
there she was up in the garret, when she
could spare the time, having a lovely party
all by herself.
Then the little children came-there was
a little boy first. I must give you the inci-
dent of Sophie's boy and the box. When
he was just in long clothes, Sophie iii-
tiated him into the organ mysteries. He
cooed and laughed and seemed to have a
wonderful time of it. Sophie noticed that
he would cry though, when the music was
sad, and gurgle when it was happy. There-
fore she was sure he would be a musician.
But he nrever became a musician-he never
even became a man, A frosty night, when
he died, poor Sophie could do nothing ex-
cept go up into the garret and cry over
the organ. Her little boy, how she missed
him, and yet how inuch that organ soothed
her pain and comforted her. Wonderful
The next child .was a little girl-ah
she's a fine one now. Sophie wrote me
that she is now nineteen. She plays the
organ. She plays other things too, but I
must not tell you everything, or I will
spoil my story. The little girl, her real
name is Gertrude. loved the box in the
garret. too: and when she was not more
than five, sie could play it. The hired
man. John Walters, used to hold his side
laughing when she did the "Arkansas
Traveller," and one day. Jim Brand came
Uti and caught him as be was jiggifig to
Gertrude's aecompaniment. Jim was very
angry and John was more careful after
There camie a time, when affairs on the
farm  went badly. It wasn't anybody's
fault especially. The crops went back on
him. There were lots of expenses to be
met. There was a third baby, and there
had been a fire in the barn. and the horse
had been burneul-and it was a bad yeur.
Jim was particularly cranky and Sophie
particuaurly unhappy, except that she hal
Gertrude and baby Jim and the organ. I
cant keep you waiting any longer for the
climax of our story. It happened one
rainy, miserable night. It had been rain-
1m for "rmIa mo days, and it worts  the season
when it should not have rained at all. Jim
was sitting all alone at the table. le
had been trying to read by the light of the
oil mInmp. but he threw down the paper,
and held his hands; nod I am very Ir-
happy for all the cruel things he thought
as he sat there.
Then all of I sudden, there caine a sound
from  the garret . . . the wheezy old
organ and . . . the sound of voices. It
was Sophie and Gertrude and the hired
man singing a pretty song Upstairs. There
was the swish-swish of the rain outside.
and the crash-bang of the thunder, and
the whee-hoo of the wind around the
corner, and Upstairs the singing of the
songs and the voice of aln old organ.
At first Jim jumped up to yell "Stop
that noise!" but as he went to the stairs,
he felt the notes pressing a soft touch to
his brow, and' seeming to say "steady,
young man, be gentle,-how can you
murder a voice like ours". He did stop
anyway, and as he moved to the stairs,
he had decided he would listen . . . sort
of listen, with a sneer.
Sophie heard all about it later, when
Jim told her how he had stood there, then
tip-toed up to the garret and looked at
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