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Atchley, E.J.; Atchley, Jennie (ed.) / The Southland queen
Vol. VI, No. 4 (August 1900)

Central Texas bee-keepers' convention,   pp. [85]-98 PDF (3.4 MB)

Page 86

Moved that any bee-keeper can
join the association at any time by
writing to the secretary and in-
closing the regular membership
fee of fifty cents a year. Carried.
Another motion made by 0. P.
Hlyde-"That any member who
fails to attend or fails to pay his
du(es for three consecutive meetings,
without a   suitable excuse, be
stricken from the list." Of course
when any one pays his yearly dTies
he is a member, whether he attends
the annual meetings or not, as
President's annual address was
delivered by Pres. E. H. Jones.
Election of officers for next
term:-O. P. Hyde, Iutto, Presi-
dent; J. B. Salyer, Jonah, Vice
President; Louis Scholl, Hunter,
Sec. & Treas.
List of honorary members:-
Mr. R. B. Leahy, of ligginsville,
Mo.; L. Stachelhausen, M. M.
Faust, ). C. Milam, Mrs. Jennie
Atchley, A. W. Carpenter, 14. L.
Lusk and Mrs. G. F. Davidson, all
of Texas.
Mr. Leahy suggested to vote a
committee of three on resolutions,
to report later. Carried and ap-
pointed:-E. J. Atchley, W. Ht.
Laws and J. H. Faubion.
Mr. Leahy then read a letter di-
rected to himself, from Mr. E. R.
Root, of Medina, Ohio, regretting
his inability to attend the conven-
tion, which he Would have beel
very glad to have done.
Pres. 0. P. Hyde spoke in be-
half of the association, regretting
Mr. Root's absence, as all would
have been glad to have met him.
The time and place of next meet-
ing was the subject of a long dis-
F. L. Aten, E. R. Jones, Daven-
port, Salyer and others spoke in
favor of meeting next year at Col-
lege Station, near Bryan, at the
time of the meeting of Texas State
Farmers' Congress, and gave many
'ood reasons why the Central Tex-
as Bee-Keepers' Association should
meet at that place next year.
Among these were the opportuni-
ties of having a good meeting at
that place, lower rates, the best
place to come up before the world
as bee-keepers and many reasons
beneficial to the members of the
association. The main reason for
going there, at least next year,
was on account of the urgent in-
vitations from Prof. Connell, ex-
pressing his wish of having the
bee-keepers meet at that place at
the time of the next meeting of
Farmers' Congress.
Judge Terral was greatly op-
posed to such a move, as he said
that as the Central Texas Associa-
tion was for the central part of the
state,.and was organized as such,
it ought to have its meeting there,

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