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Bennett, B.S.K. (ed.) / The Pacific bee journal
Vol. 5, No. 10 (October, 1902)

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. +++.+++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++            ++++4
We Want Every Reader...
Of the Pacific Bee Journal to have a trial reading of the
DocKy Mountain Dee Journal
This vigorous journal has just entered its second year upon a pay-
ing basis, and during 1902 will continue to reflect all the bee news
pertaining to the great alfalfa regions of the Rocky Mountains.
Its platform is co-operation of Bee-Keepers and. kind industries, and +
it gives special attention to reporting association work.         +
SPECIAL OFFER.-For a short time only we will send the
Journal on trial to new subscribers 3 months for 10 cents. Ad-
dress your letters
Clubbed with the Pacific                                            +
Bee Journal, both one year, $1.          Box 611, Boulder, Colorado.
++++++++++++++++-++-+++ +--++-44++*4*4 44440 04   # 4 4  0 +++4
Labor and Expense Reduced One=Half
Swarthmore Plan of Queen Rearing
Leading>Specialist of the world use and recommend it.
A Swarthmore 10-box queen fertilizing attachment will mate several queens,
all at a time, fro mone colony, at the cost of ore mated in the usual way.
These boxes can be attached to any frame hive. Simple, inexpensive, per-
fect. "One 3-frame nucleus will do the work of ten when box attachments
are used."
You Need a Grace Queen Cell Compressor
"The acme in cell-making." "No fuss, ro feather." Each cell separately re-
movable without opening hives. No protector needed, no royal jelly neces-
sary. Cells may be used over and over with increasing success. Great fine
cells secured each time! Order a Press and have it on hand. By mail, $2;
with other goods, $1.75. Blank shells, 1 cent each.
The Swarthmore Nursery Cage
Simplifies queen rearing to such an extent that even the novice can rear for
his own use. Cells completed without at queening.  Convenient, reliable.
Send for circular. Shipments made from any factory in the United States
to save you freight. Address the
Swarthmore Apiaries,
Swarthmore, Pa.
Breeders of Golden-All-Over QJueens.

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