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Bennett, B.S.K. (ed.) / The Pacific bee journal
Vol. 5, No. 10 (October, 1902)

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(Received Last of the Month.)
These prices are paid by the retail
dealers. From these quotations of the
wholesale dealers must be deducted
freight, cartage  and  commission.
Freight to eastern markets is about le
per lb. for Extracted, 2c per lb. for
Comb Honey in car lots.
Cincinnati-Honey: Amber for man-
ufacturing purposes brings from 51/4
to 6/, better grades from 7 to 8.
Fancy ccomb honey sells at 16, lower
grades hard to sell at any price. Bees-
wax is strong at 27 to 30.-The Fred
W. Muth Co.
Chicago, III.-Honey: The market
is in a waitirg attitude; there is more
comb honey on sale than for several
Junes of recent years; most of it is
out of econdition from one cause and
another, chiefly by having grained;
therefore a very light yield this year
woold not help the crop now on hand
of last. Prices are without special
change in either comb or extracted
honey from those given in your last
issue. Consumers are not in the mar-
ket for other than small lots. Bees-
wax is very scarce and brings 32 cents
upon arrival.-R. A. Burrett & Co.
Buffalo, N. Y.-Honey: Below I
quote you our honey market as it is
now: Fancy white comb honey, No. 1,
15 to 6; A No. 1, 14 to 15; No. 1, 13 to
14; No. 2, 12 to 13; No. 3, 11 to 12; No.
I dark, 9 to 11; No. 2, - to -; white
extracted, 7 to 7 ; dark, 5 to 6; bees-
wax. 27 to 30; dark, 23 to 25.-W. C.
New York-Honey: The demand for
all grades of comb honey here is good,
with plenty of arrivals to supply the
demand. Fancy white, I lb. sections,
per lb., 14; No. 1, 13; No. 2, 12; buck-
wheat, 10. These are the nomiral
market prices; some extra fancy lots
might possibly bring a trifle more.
Extracted white is selling from 5 to
6c per lb., according to quality.-Fran-
is H. Leggett & Co.
Los Angeles-Honey: Demand for
light amber briskk; white extracted,
fair: comb honey, scarce; fancy white
comb honey, 12 to 15; No. 1, 11 to 14;
amber, 9 to 10; extracted white, 5 to
6. light amber, 4  to 5 ; amber, 4 to
5.-Pacific Honey Producers.
Kansas City, Mo.-Honey: No. 1
white comb honey, 15 to 16: No. 2, 13
to 14; amber, 12; white extracted
horey. 7  to 8; amber, 6 to 7. Bees-
wax scarce and wanted, 22 to 28 per
lb. Demand fair and very little arriv-
ing now.-W. R. Cromwell Produce
San Francisco-Honey: Honey is
coming better; Eastern and European
demand is pickirg up. Extracted
white 5 to 6; light amber, 44 to 514;
amber, 4 to 4: comb honey, 10 to
12; beeswax, 24 to 26.
Baston, Mass.-Honey: Fancy white
in cartons. 16 and 17: No. 1, 15 to 16:
No. 2, 12  to 13 ; prospects of good
demand later on. There is but little
extracted on the market, and later will
be wanted. White extracted, 6 and 7;
light amber, 5  and 6 ; beeswax, 26
and 27.-Blake, Scott & Lee.
WANTED-Quotations or offers of
car lots of honey, especiall comb
honey. Cash paid on delivery at your
station or warehouse. Address Thos.
C. Stanley & Son, apiarists and honey
buyers, Manzanola, Colorado. or Fair-
field. Ill.
Los Angeles, Cal.
Pacific Honey Producers, 237 E. 4th.
Johnson, Carvell & Co., 251 San Pedro.
Haas, Baruch & Co., 320 N. Los An-
geles st.
The J. K. Armsby Co., 121 W. 3rd st.
Germain Fruit Co., 326 S. Main st.
Elwin Syrup Co., Boyd and San Pedro.
Roth Hamilton. 122 W. Third st.
Chicago, Ill.
L. A. Lannon, 43 S. W. st.
R. E. Burnett & Co., 163 S. Water st.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Wm. A. Selzer, 10 Vine st.
Hamilton, Ill.
Chas. Dadant & Son.
Denver, Colo.
R. N. & J. C. Trisbee, lock box 1414.
New York.
Hildreth & Segelkren, 265-267 Green-
wich st.
Francis H. Leggett & Co., W. B'dway.
St. Louis, Mo.
D. G. Tutt Grocery Co.
Westcott Commission Co., 213 Market.
Cleveland, 0.
Williams Bros., 80 and 82 Broadway.
Albany, N. Y.
Chas. McCulloch & Co.
Detroit, Mich.
M. H. Hupnt, Branch. Mich.

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