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Bennett, B.S.K. (ed.) / The Pacific bee journal
Vol. 5, No. 10 (October, 1902)

[Masthead],   pp. 247-248 PDF (617.2 KB)

Page 248

170 cars of honey; Texas, 220 cars
(marketed mostly at home); New
York, 160 cars; Missouri, 140 cars;
Iowa, 120 cars; Kentucky, 180 cars;
Illinois 135 cars; Ohio, 85 cars; Colo-
rado, 81 cars; Arkansas, 65 cars;
pounds. I have figured out the car
loads at 22,000 pounds to the car.
This makes 26,000-pound cars, leaving
4000 as weight of cases.)
Texas' Home Texas produces 200 cars
Market.     per annum, which we are
told is consumed mostly
at home. At government figures they
realize 10 cents per pound. The big-
ger part of this product is chunk
honey. We are also told there is no
adulteration. Why? Their production
is even, they always have a supply
to meet the demand, and keep it grow-
California's I have before me a bottle
Mixers.    labeled "Honey" (in large
letters) with syrup (in
small letters.) ' Made of choice mount-
ain honey blended with cane sugar;
this syrup has a more delicious flavor
than honey and yet retains all that
rich flavor for which California honey
has become famous." Southern Syrup
Company, Los Angeles.
Made of honey, yes, and syrup and
that nasty stuff, glucose. You can
taste it and it is rank. brassy, and
leaves the taste in the mouth. Don't
see how any one could use the second
bottle. Sold at retail for 10 cents for
almost two pounds: not much honey
in it at 6 cents, nor sugar at 4%
cents. A rank libel on California
honey. That's where our trade goes
in an off year.
A writer in Health has the following
in regard to horey as a food:
"Starch and sugar, when eaten, un-
dergo a digestive change before they
are assimilated. In honey this change
has been made a considerable ex-
tent by the bees. It is easy of assim-
(lation, and concentrated, and fur-
nishes the same element of nutrition
as sugar and starch-imparts warmth
and energy. As a medicine, honey has
great value and many uses. It is ex-
cellent in most lung and throat af-
fections, and is often used with great
benefit in place of cod-liver oil. Oc-
casionally there is a person with whom
it does not agree, but most people
can learn to use it with beneficial
results.  Children, who have more
natural appetites, generally prefer it
to butter. Honey is laxative and sed-
ative and in diseases of the bladder
and kidneys it is an excellent remedy.
It has much the same effect as wine
or stimulants, without the injurious
effects, and is unequaled in mead and
harvest drinks. As an external appli-
cation, it is irritating when clear, and
soothing  when  diluted.  In  many
places it is much appreciated as a rem-
edy for croup and colds. In preserv-
ing fruit, the formic acid it contains
makes a better preservative than
sugar syrup, and it is also used in
cooking and confectionery.
"In early times it is said, Palestine
flowed with milk and honey, but we
have far more of both today than the
people of any age ever had. Honey
does not injure the teeth as candies
Which I came across in May, 1902,
Gleanings.   Area,    Car   Lbs. to
sq. m.   loads. sq. m.
Texas,      265,780   210      18
California.  158,360  225      31
Cuba,       42,000    210     144
Jamaica,     4,200     75     358
The figures of gross yield was in
pounds. I have reduced them to car
loads of 22,000 pounds.

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