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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Area reports: domestic 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 2 (1978-1979)

Schreck, Albert E.
Acknowledgments,   pp. v-vi PDF (173.4 KB)

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 The chapters of this volume were written by the State Mineral Specialists
of the Bureau of Mines, located throughout the country. 
 The Statistical Summary chapter and the tabular material covering total
State mineral production, value of mineral production by county, and economic
indicators were prepared in the Branch of Domestic Data. The Branch of Publication
Support Services reviewed the manuscripts upon which this volume was based
to insure statistical consistency among the tabies, figures, and text between
this volume and Volume I, and between this volume and those of former years.
 Compilations contained in this volume were based largely on statistical
data and other facts provided by the mineral industries. The Bureau gratefully
acknowledges the willing contribution of these essential data by both companies
and individuals. 
 In the collection of statistical and other mineral-industry information,
the Bureau of Mines was also assisted by various State agencies through cooperative
agreements. Many of the chapters in Volume II were reviewed by staff members
of these agencies; in some instances the staff members collaborated in preparing
the chapters and are shown as coautbors Our sincere appreciation for this
assistance is extended to the following cooperating organizations: 
Alabama: Geological Survey of Alabama. 
Alaska: Alaska Department of Natural Resources. 
Arizona: Arizona Bureau of Mines. 
Arkansas: Arkansas Geological Commission. 
California: California Department of Conservation, Division of Mines and
Colorado: Division of Mines of the State of Colorado. 
Connecticut: Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut, Department
of Environmental Protection. 
Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey. 
Florida: Bureau of Geology, Department of Natural Resources. 
Georgia: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection
Division, Georgia Geologic Survey. 
Hawaii: Department of Land and Natural Resources. 
Idaho: Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology, Idaho Department of Lands. 
Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey. 
Indiana: Geological Survey, Indiana Department of Natural Resources. 
Iowa: Iowa Geological Survey. 
Kansas: State Geological Survey of Kansas. 
Kentucky: Geological Survey of Kentucky. 
Louisiana: Louisiana Geological Survey. 
Maine: Maine Geological Survey. 
Maryland: Maryland Geological Survey. 
Massachusetts: Office of the State Geologist, Massachusetts Department of
Environmental Quality. 
Michigan: Geological Survey Division of the Michigan Department of Natural
Minnesota: Mineral Resources Research Center, University of Minnesota. 
Mississippi: Bureau of Geology and Energy Resources, Mississippi Department
of Natural Resources. 

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