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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1977
Year 1977, Volume 1 (1977)

Minor metals,   pp. 1039-1054 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 1054

 Thallium is a highly toxic metallic ele- metal and compounds increased iii
ment limited in production and size of Consumption and Uses —Apparent
con market. sumption in 1977 was approximately 3,900 
 Domestic Production.—.Thallium was pounds on a metal basis. Thallium
was used produced domestically by ASARCO Incorpo- in photography and xerography
where its rated at its Globe refinery in Denver Cob incorporation in certain
chemical emulsions The company recovered thallium metal and improved the
developing process and aided compounds as a byproduct from the treat in the
transmission of infrared light ment of dusts, slags, and residues generated
General laboratory use continued to be an from smelting and refining of zinc
lead and important part of the consumption total 
copper ores. No metal was produced in 1977 Prices.—The price of
in 25but production of compounds was slightly pound lots was $750 per pound
a price in higher than that of 1976. Shipments of both effect since December
Table 15.—U.S. imports for consumption of thallium in 1977, by
Country of origin 
BelgiumLuxernbourg 7 $256 20 $459 
Canada —— —— 5 1,376 
Germany,FederalRepublicof 185 4,530 —— ——
UnitedKingdom. 11 556 —- -- 
 Total 203 5,342 25 1,835 
Foreign Trade —U S imports for con ' 3Sinsley J E B A Beaudet W
E Bolch
and J F Palmer. Costs of Radium Removal from Potable Water 
sumption in 1977 were 25 pounds of un Supplies Florida University Gainesville
Department of 
wrought metal waste and scrap valued at Environmental Engineering Sciences
Apnl 1977 153 pp 
$1 835 and 203 pounds of compounds valued Clu ~ Radium in Utah Spring is
at $5 342  ' 5zobel V J Eberth V Eberth and E Eube (Inst 
World Review —In addition to the United Kernphys Univ Koeln Cologne
Germany) Nucl Instr Methods (England) v 141 No 2 1977 pp 329-369 
States Belgium the Federal Republic of ' 6Prepared by Christine M Moore mineral
specialist Germany and the U S S R produced refin i7Gresnwood R C and R E
Chrien Filtered Reactor 
ed thallium m tal Beams for Fast Neutron Capture Gamma Ray Experi 
 ments. Nucl. Instr. Methods., v.12, No. 1, 1976, pp. 125-143. 
  ' 8Amli R Carbonatites a Possible Source of Scandium 
 ' Prepared byJ Roger Loebenstein physical scientist as Indicated by Sc Mineralization
in the Fen Peralkahne 
 2~J S Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Complex Southern Norway
Econ Geol v 72 No 5 
Health Administration Inorganic Arsenic Final Environ August 1977 pp 855-859
mental ImpactStatement February 1977 217 pp  ~ Ito J Crystal Synthesis of
a New Olivine LiScSiO4 
~——-~ Proposed Regulation Inorganic Arseni~ Draft Am
v 62 No 3-4 March April 1977 pp 356- 
Environmental Impact Statement Mar 211975 63 pp 361 
 4National Research Council National Academy of  20Rush R H J Garret R F
Domagala and F A Patel 
Sciences Arsemc 1977 p 223 The System Zirconia-Scandia J Am Ceram Soc v 60
 5Page 56 of work cited in footnote 2 No 9 10 September-October 1977 pp 399-403
 6Prepared by Keith L Harris physical scientist  iiVodakov Y A G A Lomakina
E N Mokhov 
 7Morris, M., et al. Report on Technical and Economic L I. Kruglov, L V.
RyzhikOv, V. L Pavlichenko, T. G. 
Factors in the Beneficial Use of Radiation in Municipal Kmita, G. F. Kholuyanov,
and E. E. Violin. Semiconductor 
Sludge Management. Sandia Laboratory, SAND77-7029, Silicon Carbide Light
Source. U.S. Pat. 3,986,196, Oct. 12, 
November 1977, 107 pp. Available from the National 1976. 
Technical Information Service, Springfield, Va.  22Dole, S. L, 0. Hunter,
Jr. and F. W. Calderwood. 
 Remini, W. C., E. J. Wahlquist, and H. D. Sivinski. Elastic Properties of
Polycrystalline Scandium and Thu 
Beneficil Use of Waste Nuclear Isotopes. 137 Cesium hum Sesquioxides. J.
Am. Ceram. Soc., v. 60, No. 3-4, 
Irradiation Treatment of Municipal Sludge and Compost. March-April 1977,
pp. 167-168. 
Energy Research and Development Administration. ERDA  23Prepared by J. Roger
Loebenstein, physical scientist. 
National Techni- V 48 No Selenium Hit by Glassworkers' Strike. 
 8Prepared by John M. Lucas, physical scientist. ~ ( to VARTA B tte Ltd)
Chemistry of Germanium, Tin and Lead, Nottingham, 13~977. . 
En land July 12-15 1977.   Prepared by J. Roger Loebenstein, physical scientist.
 i'8prepared by James F. Carhin, Jr., physical scientist.  27Mining Journal.
Fijian Gold, Emperor Bows Out. V. 
 iiprepared by Martha L. Kahn, physical scientist. 289, No. 7426, Dec. 16,
1977, p. 494. 
 iSKaufmann, R. D., and J. F. Bliss. Effects of Phosphate   Mining Journal.
Fiji to Buy Emperor. V. 290, No. 7432, 
Mineralization and the Phosphate Industry on Radium- Jan. 27, 1978, p. 65.
226 in Ground Water of Central Florida. Office of Re-  29Japan Metal Journal.
Sharp Increase in Production of 
diation Programs, Environmental Protection Agency, Las Tellurium Planned.
V.7, No. 25, June 20, 1977, p.8 
Vegas, Nev. October 1977, 127 pp.  ' °Prepared by John A. Rathjen,
 Compounds Unwrought, 
 (gross weight) and scrap 
 Pounds Value Pounds Value 

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