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Lyons, John (John D.); Cochran, Philip Andrew; Fago, Don / Wisconsin fishes 2000: status and distribution

Acknowledgments,   p. viii PDF (226.5 KB)

Page viii

We thank the many dedicated people 
who helped us collect data, especially 
Andrew Cochran, Joseph Cochran, 
Eric Golden, Mike Kaminski, Paul Kanehl, Andy 
Kinziger, Joe Marks, Tim Simonson, Marty 
Sneen, Rick Wagner, Lizhu Wang, and Brian 
Weigel. We are grateful to the following people 
for helpful information on fish taxonomy, note- 
worthy species occurrences, or specific changes 
in abundance of particular fishes within 
Wisconsin: Ed Avery, Hank Bart, Brian Belonger, 
Ron Benjamin, Joan Brately, Chuck Bronte, Ron 
Bruch, Mary Burnham-Curtis, Don Bush, 
Harland Carlson, Matt Coffaro, Fred Copes, 
Doug Cox, Larry Dammen, Mike Dewey, Bob 
DuBois, Terry Dukerschein, Tim Ehlinger, Marty 
Engel, DuWayne Gebken, Mike Hansen, Jay 
Hatch, Gene Hatzenbeler, Al Hauber, Mike Hoff, 
Steve Hogler, Bob Hrabik, Bob Jenkins, Marty 
Jennings, Bradley Johnson, Max Johnson, Stan 
Kowton, Cliff Kraft, Tim Kroeff, Bernie Kuhajda, 
Tim Larson, Bernard LeBeau, Bill LeGrande, Tom 
Lovejoy, Terry Lychwick, John Magnuson, Terry 
Margenau, Dave Marshall, Neal Mundahl, Tom 
Near, Doug Nelson, Kent Niermeyer, Keith Otis, 
Tom Pellett, Paul Peeters, Jim Petersen, Randy 
Piette, Dennis Pratt, Ann Runstrom, Karl 
Scheidegger, Jeff Scheier, Steve Schram, Steve 
Serns, Tom Simon, Bill Smith, Mike Sorge, 
Mary Temp, Pam Thiel, Jim Thompson, Tom 
Thuemler, Tom Todd, Jim Underhill, Gene Van 
Dyck, Will Wawrzyn, Doug Welch, and Kurt 
Welke. Kathy Webster provided several helpful 
literature citations, and DuWayne Gebken 
reviewed a draft of the text. We are especially 
indebted to Konrad Schmidt and Greg Seegert 
for numerous species records and many fruitful 
suggestions and comments regarding Wisconsin 
fishes. Finally, we acknowledge the inspiration 
and encouragement of George Becker in many 
areas of our work, and we dedicate this publica- 
tion to him. 

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