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Becker, George C. / Fishes of Wisconsin

Sucker family - catostomidae,   pp. 607-691 ff. PDF (39.5 MB)

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612   Sucker Family-Catostomidae 
  Cycleptus elongatus9 
In Wisconsin the blue sucker occurs only in the Mis- 
sissippi drainage basin, frequenting the Mississippi 
River and the lower portions of the St. Croix, Red 
Cedar, Chippewa, Black, La Crosse, and Wisconsin 
rivers. Its distribution in these tributaries is generally 
to the first barrier dams, except in the St. Croix, 
where it appears in small numbers above the St. 
Croix Falls Dam (Kuehn et al. 1961). The Baraboo 
River (Sauk County) record (Hoy 1883) was listed 
without a specific location; it is doubtful that this spe- 
cies exists above the Prairie du Sac Dam today For 
detailed distribution notes, see Christenson (1974). 
  Specimens examined: UWSP 107 (1) Wisconsin River 
1.2 km east of Muscoda (Iowa County), 1962; UWSP 
794 and 815 (3) Wisconsin River between Spring Green 
and Lone Rock (Sauk and Richland counties), 1962; 
UWSP 3982 (1) Mississippi River off Ferryville (Craw- 
ford County), 1971; UWSP 5585 (1) Chippewa River 
T25N R13W Sec 9 (Pepin County), 1977; UWSP 5615 
(2) Wisconsin River T8N R4E Sec 30 (Sauk County), 
1977; and CD Rice Div. of NUS Ohio Corp., Pitts- 
I               IRange of the blue sucker 
        if        0 Specimens examined 
                A   Wisconsin Fish Distribution Study 11974-78) 
                  0 Literature and reports 
                  0 Greene (1935) 
burgh, Pa., collection (1) Chippewa River T26N 
R12W Secs 29 and 30 (Dunn County), 1973. 
  Specimens reported by Marlin Johnson from the 
Wisconsin River below Prairie du Sac Dam (Sauk 
County), 1970; 36 collections reported by the Wiscon- 
sin Fish Distribution Study from the Wisconsin, 
Black, Red Cedar, and Chippewa rivers, 1975-1977; 
reported by P. W Smith et al. (1971) and Rasmussen 
(1979) from the Mississippi River, Pools 4-11, mostly 
1964 or earlier. 
  The blue sucker appears to be rare over much of 
the northern and central parts of its general range. 
Recent surveys on the upper Mississippi River dem- 
onstrate this (Barnickol & Starrett 1951, Kuehn et al. 
1961, P. W. Smith 1965, P W. Smith et al. 1971). Its 
status is rare in Kansas (Platt et al. 1973), Minnesota 
(Phillips and Underhill 1971, J. B. Moyle 1975), Iowa 
(Harlan and Speaker 1956), and Missouri (Pflieger 
1975). It is sporadic in Illinois (P. W, Smith 1965). The 
state of Wisconsin has given the blue sucker threat- 
ened status (Wis. Dep. Nat. Resour. Endangered 
Species Com. 1975, Les 1979). 

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