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Bennett, B.S.K. (ed.) / The Pacific bee journal
Vol. 5, No. 10 (October, 1902)

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+         .+.+...+++... +++++ 4.++++++4....... ......
Texas QueensI
4.                        VIhe F n                                +.
+Lone Star                              +
Apiaries                           +
G. F. DAVIDSON & SON, Props.
Have made great. preparations for the coming season to accommodate  +
their many customers with either                               .
STOCK OR GOLDEN QUEENS.                       +
They have bought out the Queen-rearing business of 0. P. Hyde & Son
of Hutton. Texas, and by buying more bees and increasing their num-
ber of nuclei they are better prepared than ever to cater to the trade +
of the bee-keeping public.
ONE OF ROOT'S LONG-TONGUE BREEDERS                     +
Fine breeders of each of the above have been added to their yards.
Safe arrival and satisfaction guaranteed. Send for Queen circular and
price list.                                                   +
P. 0. Box 190.
Floresville, Texas.
4.*     .......................+.+........... .
Advanced Bec Culture
Is a book of nearly 1ou pages (the size of the Review) that I wrote and pub-
lished in 1891; and I will tell you how I gathered the information that it
contains. For 15 years I was a practical bee-keeper, producing tons of both
comb and extracted honey; rearing an-d selling thousands of queens, reading
all of the bee books and journals, at-tending conventions and fairs, visiting
bee-keepers, etc., etc. Then I began piblishing the Review, and, for several
years, each issue was devoted to the discusson of some special topic; the
best bee-keepers of the country giving their views and experience  Advanced
Bee Culture is really the summing up of these first few years of special
topics of the Review; that is, from a most careful examination of the views
of the most progressive men, and a thorough considerationof the same in the
light of my experience as a bee-keeper, I have described in plain and simple
language what I believe to be the most advanced methods of managing an
apiary, for profit, from the beginning of the season through the entire year.
A new and revised edition, which includes the improvements of the past ten
years, is just out, and is as handsome a little book as ever was printed. The
paper is heavy, extra machine finished white book, and there are several col-
ored plates printed on heavy enameled paper. For instance, the one show-
ing a comb badly affected with foul brood is printed in almost the exact
color of an old comb. The cover is enameled azure, printed in three colors.
Price of the bcok, 50 cents. The Re.iew for 1902 and tie hook for only
W. Z. Hutchinson, Flint, Mich.

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