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Bennett, B.S.K. (ed.) / The Pacific bee journal
Vol. 5, No. 10 (October, 1902)

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Page [249]

gBuy them of H. G. QUllIN, the largest Queen-
Breeder in the North
Q    The A. I. Root & Co. tell us our stock is extra fine.
Editor York of the A. B. J., says he has good re-
ports from our stock from time to time, while J. L. Gandy of Humboldt, Neb.,
has secured over 400 lbs. honey (mostly comb) from single colonies contain-
ing our Queens. We have files of testimonials similar to the above. Our
breeders originated from the highest priced  long-tongued  Red  Clover
Queens in the U. S. Fine Queens, promptness and square dealing has built
up our present business, which was established in 1888. Price of Golden and
Colored Queens before July 1, warranted:       1         o        12
Selected  stock....... . ............................ ........$  7  u 0  $7.00
Tested................ ...................  .......  ....... .. .00  5.0o  9.00
Selected  tested .... ... ..... . .......  ..  ....... ...... . 1.5 -  8 00
Extra selected tested  the best that monev can buy......  ..... 3.00
We guarantee safe arrival to any State continental island or any European
country; can fill all orders promptly, as we expect to keep 300 to 500 queens
on hand ahead of orders. Special price on 50 to 100. Free circular. Address
all orders to QUIRIN, the Queen Breeder, Parkertown, Ohio. (Parkertown
is a P.O. money order office.
From   our superior strain of Italians.  Healthy, prolific Queens
Vigorous industrious workers.    Prolific Queens mean strong colonies
strong colonies mean full supers. Try our strain of Italians, you wil
not regret it. Send for price list.
Choice Tested Queens, $1.00 each.         J. W. K. SHAW     F CO.,
Untested Queens, 75c; $8.00 per doz.                 Loreauville. Louisiana
SBTH   ETOur Buckeye Strain Standard Bred
Three-Banded Queens.
Have a world-wide reputation.           Not a Hybrid among them.
Bred from   stock showing 19-100 to 22-100 inch tongue measure-
ments. They are gentle, they made their mark as honey gatherers; are
the Red Clover hustlers of America.
Muth's Strain Improved Golden Italians
Are beautiful gold all over; must be seen to be appreciated, no
better reared. Safe arrival guaranteed. Either the above fine strains
as follows: untested, 75c. each, 6 for $4.00; selected tested, best nonev
can buy, $1.50 each, 6G for $7.50.
he Fred W. Muth Co.
Eront and Walnut, Cincinnati, Ohio
gyze AtA monthly Paper devoted to Bee-Keep-
ing. Circulated in all the Australian
E. TIPPER, Proprietor,
B   ee     B  ulletin                Vest Maitland, New South Wales.
Club with the Pacific Bee Journal for
Established 1891.
$1.50 and 24c for postage added.

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