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Leahy, R. B.; Doolittle, G. M., 1846-1918 (ed.) / The progressive bee-keeper
Vol. VII, No. 9 (Sep. 1, 1897)


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is what the bee-keepers are reporting this year, and those that had their dish the "right side up" have a
plenty, and then some. Now if you need the best Honey Extractor, we have them. Though our Ex-
tractors are worth any two of other makes, we sell them at popular prices, See what one of
our California customers has to say:
PENROSE, CALIF., May 3, 18097.
LEAHY MFG. COMPANY, Higginsville, Mo.:
GENTLEMEN-The goods came to hand all 0. K., April 30th. The four-frame Extractor is a Jim
Dandy-the best I ever saw. It is just worth two of the four-frame Cowan's that are for sale in Los
Angeles at $25 apiece. We used it all day May ist. I think, with proper help. We can throw out two tons
of honey in a day with it. Your Smokers are excellent. Many thanks for your promptness.
Very truly yours.            J. C. BALCH.
aY"Catalogue free.    Address,
Leahy Mfg. Co., Higginsville, Mo.
PRICES OF Bingham           Perfect
Bee-Smokers and Honey Knives,
largest smok-           per doz.   each.
Smoke Engine    or made,  (4 inch stove $13.00-Mlail, $1.50
D octor........  ...  .............-  3i  "  9.00-  '  1.10
C onqueror'................................ 0.3-  1.00
Lar e  .....  ....  ......... 2/2 "3.00-  .30
Plain....................... ...        4.75-       0
Little  Wonder............. ....2  " wt 10 oz  4.50-  .0
Honey  K  nife....................  ...............  6.00-  " s.o
All Bingham Smokers are stamped on the metal, patented
1878-1892-Knives B. & H1.
The four larger sizes have extra wide shields and double
coiled steel wire handles. These SHIELDS and HAN DLES
are an   AZlNG COM FORT-always cool and clean. No more sutty nor burnt
linIgers. The, Plain and Little Wonder have narrow shields and wire handles. A It
Binghm    Smokers have   all the new, improvements. viz : Direct Draft.
lovableBent Cap), Wire Handles, Inverted Bellows, and are ABSOLUTELY
BYt-Fifteen years for a dollar. One-half a cent a month.
Cuba. Kansas, Jan. 27th. 1997.
Dear Sir.-I have used the Conquerer 15 years. I was al ways well pleased
with its workings. but thinking I would ieed a new one this summer I write for
circular . I do not think tie four inch -Smoke Engine" too large. Yers.
Corning, Cal., July 14th, 1963.
I have used Bingham Smokers ever since they first came out. Working from three to
seven hundrId colonies twelvo months in the year. I ought to know what is required in
a smoker. The Doctor31 inch just received fills the bill.  Respectfully.
O. WV.OsoN
Mt. Pleasant. 'Mich., Aug. 7th. 1806.
Dear Sir-Smokers came O. K. They are the best I have ever seen; s1ll like hot cakes.
Respectfully,     WM. BAMBU.
With a Bingham Smoker that will hold a quart of sound maple wood, the bee-keepers'
trials are all over for!a long time. Who ever heard of a Bingham Smoker that was too large
or did not give perfect satisfaction. The world's most scientific and largest comb honey
producers use Bingham Smokers and Knives. The same is true of the world's largest pro-
ducers of extracted honey. .Before buying a smokeror knife hunt up itsrecord and pedigree
Please mention the ' Progressive."    T. F. BINGHAM, Farwell, Mich,

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