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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Area reports: domestic 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 2 (1978-1979)

Boyle, James R.; Joiner, Thomas J.
Alabama,   pp. 33-41 ff. PDF (997.6 KB)

Page 40

Box 556 
Eufaula, AL 36027 
Dale Rd. 
Route 1, Box 58 
Eufaula, AL 36027 
Mexico,MO 65265 
Box 568 
Eufaula, AL 36027 
15 South 3d St. 
Easton, PA 18042 
2625 Cumberland Pkwy., NW. 
Atlanta, GA 30339 
Barbour and Henry. 
- - - _do______ 
40 MINERALS YEARBOOK, 1978-79See footnotes at end of table. 
Inc., and Phillips Petroleum sold 404,281 metric tons in 1978, valued at
$18.4 million. In 1979, sales dropped to 374,526 metric tons, but value increased
to $20.3 million. 
Primary metal production was among the most important industries in the State.
According to a Bureau of the Census survey issued in 1979, metal production
accounted for 41,800 jobs and contributed $688 million to the State's economy.
The four most important counties were Jefferson, Mobile, Madison, and Etowah.
Aluminum.—Alabama ranked fifth nationally in the production of
aluminum. Primary aluminum was produced by Revere Copper and Brass, Inc.,
and Reynolds Metals Co., from alumina shipped in from Texas and Arkansas.
Revere Copper and Brass, Inc., Scottsboro, increased its aluminum potline
capacity in 1978 from 109,000 to 117,000 short tons, with further increases
anticipated. The company rebuilt and enlarged the capacities of four ingot
heating furnaces for processing rolling ingot and installed a new pusher
Reynolds Metals Co. was constructing a $5 million plant in Sheffield to process
automobile shredder residues. Reynolds expects to recover 5,000 tons of aluminum
the first year. Expected completion date of the plant is June 1980. 
Aluminum Company of America, Mobile, which produces alumina from imported
bauxite, will spend $60 million to modernize its alumina plant. The plant's
capacity will 
be expanded by 70,000 tons per year above the present 900,000-ton-per-year
capability. Major expansion will be in the chemical products section. Three
of the- four existing digester units will be replaced and a new drying system
constructed. The chemical plant produces alumina trthydrate, which is used
in the manufacture of water treatment chemicals and as a flame retardant.
 Bauxite.—Alabama ranked second in the Nation in bauxite production.
Six companies mined bauxite in Barbour and Henry Counties for use in refractories
and chemical manufacture. 
 Iron and Steel.—Alabaxna ranked seventh in the Nation in the production
of pig iron. In 1978, production increased 8.0% over that of the previous
year to nearly 3.5 million short tons and was valued at $679.5 million; 1979
production was 3.7 million short tons, valued at $738.4 million. U.S. Steel
Corp., Fairfield, and Republic Steel Corp., Gadsen, were the major producers.
* Rutile (Synthetic).—Kerr-McGee Corp. will reopen its 100,000-ton-per-year
synthetic rutile plant in Mobile in early 1980, after a 2-year shutdown.
The facility opetied in mid-1977 and closed in March 1978 because of poor
market conditions and the need for better product and environmental control.
Ilmenite imported from Australia is processed into synthetic rutile, which
is used as a pigment in paint. 
 ' State mineral specialist, Bureau of Mines, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
 25~ geologist, Geological Survey of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
Table 10.—Principal producers 
Commodity and company Address Type of activity County 
Aluminum Company of America 
Aluminum smelters: 
Revere Copper & Brass Inc - - - 
Eufaula Minerals Co 
Harbison-Walker Refractories Co., Inc., a division of Dresser Industries,
United States Gypsum Co.' - - - Wilson.Snead Mining Co_____ 
Alpha Portland Industries, Inc_ - 
Citadel Cement Corp 
1501 Alcoa Bldg. Pittsburgh, PA 15219 
Box 191 
Rome, NY 13440 
Reynolds Metals Bldg. 
Richmond, VA 23218 
Plant Mobile. 
____do Jackson. 
_~_do Colbert. 
Mine and plant.  Barbour. 
____do   Do. 
- - - _do___ 
- - - _do______ 
 Jefferson and 

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