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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Area reports: domestic 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 2 (1978-1979)

Ballard, Rose L.
Statistical summary,   pp. 1-31 ff. PDF (2.8 MB)

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Table l.—Value of crude nonfuel mineral production' in the United
by mineral 
(Million dollars) 
Metals Nonmetals Total 
' Production as measured by mine shipments, sales, or marketable production
(including consumption by producers). 
  1Statistical Summary 
By Rose L. Ballard' 
 This chapter summarizes data on crude nonfuel mineral production for the
United States, its island possessions, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
Included also are tables that show the principal nonfuel mineral commodities
exported from and imported into the United States, and that' compare world
and U.S. mineral production. The detailed data from which these tables were
derived are contained in the individual commodity chapters of volume I and
in the State chapters of volume II of this edition of the Minerals Yearbook.
Although crude mineral production may be. measured at any of several stages
of extraction and processing, the stage of measurement used in this chapter
is what is normally termed "mine output." It usually refers to
minerals or
ores in the form in which _________ 
they are first extracted from the ground, ' Statlsti~WJ~ B~ch of Domestic
but customarily includes the output from 
auxiliary processing at or near the mines. 
 Because of inadequacies in the statistics available, some series deviate
from the fore going definition. For gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, and
tin, the quantities are recorded on a mine basis (as the recoverable content
of' ore sOld or treated). However, the values assigned fi these quantities
are based on the averate selling price of refined metal not the mine value
Mercury is measured as recovered metal and valued at the average New York
pricefor the metal. 
 The weight or volume units shown are those customarily used in the particular
industries producing the commodities. Values shown are in current dollars1
with no adjustments made to compensate ' for changes in the purchasing' power
of the dollar. 
 5,228 11,702 
 1978  6,296 13,525 
 1979  8,517 15,449 

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