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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 1 (1978-1979)

Lynd, Langtry E.; Hough, Ruth A.
Titanium,   pp. 933-947 ff. PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 947

Westinghouse Electric Corp. announced that it received a contract from the
Electric Power Research Institute to build the world's first super-conducting
generator which will utilize conductors made of titanium-columbium alloy.~'
 ' Physical scientist, Nonferrous Metals Section. 
 ' Statistical assistant, Nonferrous Metals Section. 
 ' Weight units used in this chapter are short tons unless specified otherwise.
 4Cates, B. Titanium Dioxide From Belgium, France, the 
United Kingdom, and the Federal Republic of Germany. 
U.S. Internat. Trade Commission (USITC) Publication 
1009, November 1979, 105 pp. 
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and Co., Docket No. 9108. Federal Trade Commission, Sept. 4, 1979. 
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Charges. V. 87, No. 105, May 30, 1979, p. 2. 
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in St. Louis and Lake Counties, Northwestern Minnesota. Minn. Dept. of Nat.
Res., Div. of Miner., Miner. Exploration Section, Rept. 93, Hibbing, Minn.,
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 ~ D. H. News Release. Howmet Turbine Components Corp., May 8, 1979. 
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Orders for Commercial Transports Is At the Core of a 
Strong Market. Eng. and Mi J., v. 180, No.3, March 1979, 
pp. 171-172. 
 Titanium . A Surge in Aircraft Demand Sparks a Strong ' 79 Market. Eng.
~and Mi J., v. 181, No. 3, March 1980, pp. 115-116. 
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Overview on Titanium Development and Application. Pres. at the 4th Internat.
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to Steel - Demand/Supply Outlook to the Mid-1980s. Pres. at the 2d Internat.
Ferroalloys Conf., Copenhagen, Oct. 15-17,1979,4 pp. 
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 ' ~—-——~ World of Minerals — Du
Pont and Allied
Eneabba. No. 139, April 1979, p.9. 
 ' i——-. World of Minerals — AMA to Buy Jennings.
No. 144,
September 1979, p. 9. 
 ' 9Warby, S. Troubled Sand Miner Plans a Comeback With $20-Million Expansion.
The Australian, Oct. 3, 1979. 
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Heavy Mineral Potential of the Athabasca Tar Sands. C.LM. BulL, v. 71, No.
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Market, v. 88, No. 101, May 23, 
1980, p. 5. 
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A-89, June 29, 1979. 
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Intermediates Prepared by SodaSmelting Ilmenite. BuMines RI 8347, 1979, 10
 ' 8Needham, P. B. Jr., S. D. Cramer, J. B. Carter, and F. X. McCawley. Corrosion
Studies in High-Temperature, Hypersaline Geothermal Brines. Internat. Corrosion
Forum on the Protection and Performance of Materials, Atlanta, Ga., Mar.
12-16, 1979; Corrosion/79, NACE Preprint No. 59, 16 pp. 
 ' 9Gomes, J. M., G. M. Martinez, and M. M. Wong. 
Recovering Byproduct Heavy Minerals From Sand and 
Gravel, Placer Gold, and Industrial Mineral Operations. 
BuMines RI 8366, 1979, 15 pp. 
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Titaniferous Materials. Inst. Mm. Metal. Trans. Sect. C, v. 87, June, 1978,
pp. C120-C128. 
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and Zirconium in Zircon Sand Molds. BuMines RI 6208, 1977,44 pp. 
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of Erosion-Resistant Titanium Diboride Coatings BuMines RI 8332, 1978, 34
 "Elger, G. W., R. A. Stadler, and P. E. Sanker (assigned to U.S. Department
of the Interior). Process for Purifying a Titanium-Bearing Material and Upgrading
Ilmenite to Synthetic Rutile With Sulfur Trioxide. U.S. Pat. 4,120,694, Oct.
17, 1978. 
 ' 4Weintraub, D. J., and D. G. Jones. Arc-Furnace 
Smelting of Western Australian Beach Sand Ilmenite. 
Inst. Mi Metal. Trans. Sect. C, v. 87, June 1978, pp. C83- 
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Europe. V. 139, No. 4, October 1978, pp. 365-371. 
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and 57. 
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Market, v. 87, No. 135, Dec. 3, 1979, p. 10. 
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Metal Market, v. 87, No. 101, Oct. 15, 1979, p. 10. 
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Opportunities for Cost-Affordable Titanium Aerospace 
Structures. J. of Metals, v. 30, No. 9, September 1978, pp. 
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Metal Market,
v. 87, No. 191, Oct. 1, 1979, pp. 9and 11. 
 4'Turk, P. Boeing Considering Application of Trans-Beta Titanium Alloy for
Parts on New 767 Airliner. Am. Metal Market, v. 87, No. 84, Apr. 30, 1979,
pp. 10 and 14. 
 4'Weintraub, P. New Material to Cut Weight of Jet Engines. Am. Metal Market,
v. 87, No. 44, Mar. 5, 1979, pp. 12 and 18. 
 43Wall Street Journal. Westinghouse Gets a Superconducting Generator Contract.
Jan. 18, 1979, p. 25. 

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