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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 1 (1978-1979)

Foster, Russell J.
Salt,   pp. 751-762 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 762

 * 762 MINERALS YEARBOOK, 1978-79 
used to inhibit corrosion, and sealants in- ~ Bid for Leslie Salt cluding
wax pellets which are melted by 4Kuhns, L. Harvesting the Great Salt Lake.
 heating the set concrete can be introduced Technology, November-December
1978, pp. 28-31, 64. 
   5Akzona, Inc. 1979 Annual Report. P. 27. 
 to fill porous areas.22  6lndustrial Minerals. Interpace Sells Salt and
A solar heating system that stores incom- tonite. No. 138, March 1979, pp.
 7Chemical Marketing Reporter. Current Prices of Cheming solar energy in
ceiling tiles that contain icals and Related Materjals. V. 216, No. 27, Dec.
31, 1979, p. 
a chemical heat sink consisting primarily of 34 
 8European Chemicai News. Uhde Wins DM15Om. 
sodium sulfate and water has been devel- Chloralkali Plant Order in Abu Dhabi.
V. 32, No. 851, Sept. 
oped. The absorption and release of heat is 1,1978, p. 35. 
   9Industrial Minerals. Cyclone Hazel Hits Dampier. No. 
 based on a crystalline phase change be 139 April 1979 p 9 
tween two forms of sodium sulfate. Howev- ' °~—---. David
Diamond. No. 145, October 1979, p. er, 8% sodium chloride by weight is also
~ ~ Finance for Quebec Salt Project. No. 146, required to achieve the desired
melting November 1979, p. 10. 
point for a comfortable room temperature.23 19~,p1L Domtar Getting Bigger
in Salt. No. 139, April The largest salt gradient solar pond in ' 3Chemical
Age Ingeco Laing to Build a Solar Salt 
the United States was built in 1978 at Plans Se~ond Salt Miamisburg, Ohio,
to provide heating for a BasedChemical Complex. V. 32, No. 861, Nov. 17,
1978, p. swimming pool and recreation building ' 5Mmmg Journal Pakistan Opens
New Salt Mine V Water in the pond is warmed by the sun, 290, No. 7446, May
5, 1978, p. 337. 
and heat loss due to convection is prevented 29i~9 550a3lt From Moszczenica
V 292 No 7056 June by higher concentrations of sodium chloride 17Che~cal
& Engineering News Occidental Signs Pol 
 in the deeper parts of the pond 24 ish Pact V 56 No 35 Aug 28 1978 p 9 
   18Industnal Mmerals. Soda Ash Project Goes-Ahead. 
  The search for a sodium nitrite substitute No. 143, August 1979, p. 12.
in bacon has led a major food processor to 19Engineering and Mining Journal.
News Briefs. V. 179, No. 12, December 1978, p. 133. 
test market a nitrite-free bacon that uses a * Mining Annual Review. June
l979,.p. 585. 
 traditional salt and sugar cure.25  20lndustrial Minerals. Company News
& Mineral Notes. 
  No.138, March 1979, p. 94. 
  Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. intro-  25Shearer, J.A., I. Johnson,
and C.B. Turner. Effects of 
duced two series of dyes that offer a single- Sodium Chloride on Limestone
C~lcin~tion and Sulfation 
 * in Fluidized-Bed Combustion. Envir. Sri & Technol., v. 13, 
stage continuous process for polyester!- No.9, September 1979, pp. 1113-1118.
 cellulose fabrics and eliminate the need for  22Chemical & Engineering
News. Method Seals Concrete 
  Pores. V. 56, No. 37, Sept. 11, 1978 p. 22. 
 salt and some other compounds.2~   ———. Grace
Offers Corrosion
Inhibitor forConcrete. V. 
* Scientific debate continued over the un- 57, No. 28, July 9, 1979, p. 14.
 Chemical Week. Specialties Cut the Bridge Toll. V. 215, 
certainties involved with geologic contain- No.9, Aug. 29, 1979, pp. 52-53.
ment of glassed-in nuclear wastes in rock 23Chemical Week. Chemical Mixture
Creates "Midnight 
 * . Sun. V. 122, No. 9, Mar. 1, 1978, pp. 34-35. 
salt. Of particular concern is the effect of 24Chemical & Engineering
News. Prospects Improving heat generated by the decay of nuclear for Wider
Solar Energy Use. V. 57, No. 34, Aug. 20, 1979, waste on the containment
medium and 1~Chemical Week. Test-Marketing Starts for Nitrite- 
 surrounding formations.27 Free Bacon. V. 124, No. 11, Mar. 14, 1979, p.
 ____________  26European Chemical News. ICI Introduces New Dye 
  System for Man-Made Fibers. V. 32, No. 822, Feb. 3, 1978, 
  5Physical scientist, Section of Nonmetallic Minerals. p. 23. 
  2Chemical Marketing Reporter. Cargill Plans to Expand  27Chemical &
Engineering News. New Problems Arise 
 Its Salt-Drying Facility at Breaux Bridge, La. V. 216, No. for Nuclear Waste
Storage. V. 56, No. 24, June 12, 1978, p. 
 17, Oct. 22, 1979, pp. 7, 37. 28. 

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