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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 1 (1978-1979)

Foster, Russell J.
Nitrogen,   pp. 643-653 ff. PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 650

Mathelo in 1979.61 162,000 tons per year of contained nitrogen, 
 Pakistan Ajman Fertilizer Corp. con- and downstream 158,000-ton-per-year-
tracted for a prefabricated ammonia/urea nitrogen urea unit was begun in
1978 at 
facility at Lasbela. Developed by the Swed- Sapugaskanda.69 
ish shipbuilder Svenska Vary and the Dan-  Syria.—General Fertilizers
Co. began pro 
ish engineering firm Haldor Topsoe, the duction at the Horns ammonia/urea
1,100-ton-per-day ammonia plant and 1,900- at yearend 1979. Annual capacities
in terms 
ton-per-day urea unit will be built at Goet- of nitrogen content are 300,000
tons of 
averken, Sweden, and towedto the site.62 ammonia and 175,000 tons of urea.7°
 Fauji Fertilizer Co. awarded contracts for  Trinidad and Tobago.—Fertilizers
the construction of a 300,000-ton-per-year- Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. a joint
venture of 
nitrogen natural-gas-based ammonia plant the government and Amoco Oil Co.
and a 279,000-ton-per-year-nitrogen urea ed a contract for the construction
of two 
unit at Goth Macchi by 1981.63 ammonia plants with total capacity of 2,300
 Plans for additional ammonia/urea corn- tons per day at Port Lisas by 1981.
plexes at Sadiqabad, Chickoki, and Port government and Agrico Chemical Co.
Qaim have also been announced.64 agreed to build a 1,785-ton-per-day urea
 Poland.—A plan to construct a nitrogen plant at the site a1so.~'
fertilizer facility at Kedzierzyn was revived,  Turkey.—Istanbul
Sanayii has 
based on natural gas not coal as originally again proposed a 1 100 ton per-day
conceived. The project will comprise a 1,650- based ammonia plant and a 1,930-ton-per-
ton-per-day ammonia plant and three 990- 
t d .~ ~ ~ h day urea unit at Kirikkale.~2 
on-per- ay urea uni s, using o is proc- U.S.S.R.—FrOm 1973 through
1979, 26 esSes. 1 500-ton-per-day ammonia plants procured 
 Portugal.—A contract was awarded for 
the construction of a 269,000-ton-per-year- irom ioreign con rac ors, nave
ueen innitrogen ammonia plant at Lavradio for stalled. Four more are due
to be commisQuimica de Portugal B P When completed sioned in 1980 and 10
additional units have in 1982, the new fuel-oil-based plant will been ordered
for construction during 1981replace an existing 59 000-ton-per-year- 85.
Substantial quantities of ammonia have nitrogen unit.66 '  been slated for
export to the United States 
 Qatar.—The new Umm Said complex a and other countries.~~ 
natural-gas-based ammonia plant rated at Production problems attributed to
269,000 tons per year of contained nitrogen factors including severe winter
weather and 
and a urea plant with a capacity of 168,000 disruption of natural gas supplies
from Iran 
tons per year of nutrient came onstream in resulted in the curtailment of
Soviet ammo- 
1979, doubling capacity at the site.67 nia exports early in 1979.~~ 
 Saudi Arabia.—A preliminary design Yugoslavia.—Plans
for the
construction contract was awarded for the construction of a 1,100-ton-per-day,
natural-gas-based of a 1,100-ton-per-day, natural-gas-based ammonia plant
and a 1,100-ton-per-day urea ammonia plant, and a 1,760-ton-per-day unit
at Sabac were announced." Contracts urea unit by mid-1982 at Al-Jubail.
were awarded for the construction of a terms of an agreement signed with
Saudi 440,000-ton-per-year-nitrogen ammonia Basic Industries Corp., Taiwan
Fertilizer plant and downstream facilities at Kutina Co. will take 60% of
the urea plant's annual by 1981. A 300,000-ton-per-year-nitrogen output in
return for partial financing and ammonia plant was purchased from Sefanioperating
the complex.6s tro in Spain when construction at their 
 Sri Lanka.—Construction of a naphtha- Bilbao site was halted,
will be installed based ammonia plant, with a capacity of at Pancevo.76 

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