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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 1 (1978-1979)

Petkof, Benjamin
Magnesium compounds,   pp. 567-575 ff. PDF (712.5 KB)

Page 568

sium compounds. Current domestic magne- source, location, and capacity follow:
sium compounds producers by raw material 
Raw material source and producing company Location 
Magnesite:Basic,Inc Gabbs,Nev 150,000Lake brines: 
   GreatSaltLakeMinerals&ChemicalsCorp Ogden,Utah 100,000   KaiserAluminum&ChemicalCorp
Wendover,Utah 50,000Well brinea 
 The Dow Chemical Co Ludington, Mich 300,000 TheDowChemicalCo Midland, Mich
75,000 MartinMariettaChemicals Manistee,Mich 300,000 Velsicol Chemical Corp.'
St. Louis, Mich 25,000 MortonChemicalCo Manistee,Mich 5,000 
BarcroftCo Lewes, Del 5,000BasicMagnesia, Inc PortSt.Joe,Fla 100,000CdrningGlass
Works, Ceramic Products Division Pascagoula, Miss 40,000The Dow Chemical
Co Freeport, Tax 75,000Harlason-Walker Refractories Co Cape May, N.J 100,000KaiserAluminum&ChemicalCorp
MossLanding,Calif 150,000Merck & Co., Inc South San Francisco, Calif
15,000Western MagnesiumCorp Chula Vista, Calif 5,000 
Total ' 1,470,4)00 
' MgO production discontinued in September 1978. 
2Production capacity of VelsicolChemical Corp. not included in total. 
Domestic demand for magnesium com- chemical processing and pharmaceutical
pounds was strong during 1978 and 1979 dustries. Some major uses for caustic-
and above that of 1977. The manufacture of calcined and specified magnesias
were in 
refractory products continued to be the the manufacture of animal feeds,
major end use for magnesium compounds. construction materials, chemicals,
Caustic-calcined and specified magnesias heating rods, fluxes, petroleum
also remained in strong demand by the rayon, and uranium. 
Table 2..—Magnesium compounds shipped and used in the United States
 1978 1979 
Quantity Value Quantity Value 
(short (thou- (short (thou 
 tons) sands) tons) sands) 
Caustic-calcined' and specified (USP and 
 technical)magnesias 156,192 $43,008 163,565 $50,047Refractorymagnesia 795,596
125,082 846,612 125,289Magnesium hydroxide (100% Mg(OH)2)' 509,824 40,520
511,370 47,475Magnesium sulfate (anhydrous and hydrous) 52,096 11,885 48,325
10,271Precipitated magnesium carbonate' 3,935 1,131 4,020 1,224 
' Excludes material produced as an intermediate step in the manufacture of
other magnesium compounds. 

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