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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 1 (1978-1979)

Kostick, Dennis S.; DeFilippo, Ronald J.
Fluorspar,   pp. 341-357 ff. PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 352

markets, Thailand's Board of Investment recommended the establishment of
a briquet plant, HF facility, and a plant to produce synthetic cryolite.
Use of indigenous mineral deposits to produce refined products was envisioned
as a way to lessen the balance-of-trade deficit and attract manufacturing
United Kingdom.—Dresser Minerals International had purchased a
mine and mill in 1977 that was formerly owned by the Italian firm G.E. Giuline.
The mill was located in Derbyshire, but plans to mine at Youlegreave in Peak
District National Park met opposition from the Park Planning Board. A permit
to mine was denied in July 1978 because Dresser did not provide reclamation
plans which were satisfactory to the Board. Later in the year an agreement
was worked out whereby Dresser would put up a £175,000 bond guaranteeing
full restoration of the 10-acre site. Dresser planned to mine nearly 11 million
tons of ore over the next 5 years from a seam about 40 feet wide and 100
feet deep.2~ 
In Frosterly, County Durham, a fluorspar processing plant was completed in
November 1978. The plant, owned by Swiss Aluminum Mining (U.K.) (Samuk),
included heavy media and flotation units having a designed 
capacity of 135 to 180 thousand tons of ore per year yielding 45 to 90 thousand
tons of finished product. The new plant replaced an old facility at Rockhope
(that was formerly part of the Weardale Lead Co.) and will provide Samuk
with a fivefold capacity increase. Samuk was formed in 1971 to develop fluorspar
mining operations in County Durham. This extensive mineral district was first
mined for lead as early as ancient Roman times, and some of the mill feed
would be expected to include old leadmine tailings. Samuk acquired five mines
and mineral rights in an area larger than 115 square miles; the area is a
part of the north Pennine ore field.26 
Imperial Smelting Corporation, (a RioTinto Zinc Corp. Ltd. subsidiary) awarded
a contract to Matthew Hall Norcain to build an aromatic fluorine-compound
plant at Avonmouth. The 450-ton-per-year plant was to be the first of its
kind in the United Kingdom and would make ISC a leading world supplier of
aromatic fluorine compounds. Among the compounds planned for production was
2,4 difluoroaniline, an intermediate used in making difluisil. Difluisil
is the analgesic ingredient used to make Dolebid, a new aspirin substitute.2~

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