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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 1 (1978-1979)

Schottman, Frederick J.
Ferroalloys,   pp. 327-340 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 340

Country,' furnace type,2 and 1976 1977 1978p 1979e 
alloy type 
Of which: —Continued 
Electric furnace:28 —Continued 
 Ferrosilicon r3,383 3,409 3,472 3,783 Siliconmetal 464 501 517 595 Ferrochromiumui
r2,354 2,342 2,337 2,754 Ferrochromium-silicon3' r124 128 111 143 Ferronickel32
r546 504 422 519 Other32 r789 756 825 917 Undistributed r27 24 26 28 
 Total electric furnace ru 131 10,941 11,104 12,557 
Furnace type unspecified: 
 Ferromanganese and total r1,123 1,092 1,215 1,569 
 eEstimate. °Preliminary. rRevised. NA Not available. 
 ' In addition to the countries listed, Romania is known to produce electric
furnace ferroalloys, but output is not reported quantitatively and no basis
is available for estimation. 
 2To the extent possible, ferroalloy production of each country has been
separated according to the furnace type from which production is obtained;
production derived from metallothermic operations is included with electric
furnace production. 
 3To the extent possible, ferroalloy production of each country has been
separated so as to show individually the following major types of ferroalloys:
Spiegeleisen, ferromanganese, silicomanganese, ferrosilicon, silicon metal
(added to this years edition) ferrochromium ferrochromium-silicon and ferronickel
Ferroalloys other than those listed that have been identified specifically
in sources as well as those ferroalloys not identified specifically but which
definitely exclude those listed previously in this footnote have been reported
as under other. For countries for which one or mOre of the individual ferroalloys
listed separately in this footnote have been inseparable from some other
ferroalloys owing to the Nation s reporting system such deviations are indicated
by individual footnote In instances where ferroalloy production has not been
subdivided in sources and where no basis is available for estimation of individual
component ferroalloys the entry has been reported as "Undistributed."
 4Data foryear ending November30 of that stated. 
 5Reported as blast furnace ferromanganese and spiegeleisen but believed
to be electric furnace output. 
6Reported figure. 
 7lncluded for the first time in this edition. 
 8Series revised to include silicon metal. 
 9lncludes silicomanganese. 
' °Includes ferrochromium-silicon and ferronickel, if any was produced.
~Less than 1/2 unit. 
i2Colombia is reported to also produce ferromanganese, but output is not
reported quantitatively and no basis is 
available for estimation. 
i3Total for 1976-78 represents an estimate for silicon metal plus a reported
total for all other types. i4lncludes silicospiegeleisen. 
iilncludes ferrochromium-silicon, if any was produced. iSlncludes ferronickel,
if any was produced. 
i7lncluded with other if any was produced. 
iSSories revised to exclude calcium siicide. 
isBased on exports; additional quantities may be consumed in the Philippines.
' °Ferrovanadium only; other minor ferroalloys may be produced, but
basis is available for estimation. 
iiSoviet production of electric furnace ferroalloys is not reported; estimates
provided are based on crude source 
material production and availability for consumption (including estimates)
and upon reported ferroalloy trade. 
 221J*5* production of ferromanganese cannot be separated by furnace type
in order to conceal corporate proprietary information. Similarly, spiegeleisen
and ferronickel production cannot be separately reported. All U.S. ferroalloy
production except a portion of ferromanganese output is from electric furnaces
or metallothermic operations. 
 231n previous editions, silicon metal was included with ferrosilicon. 
 24lncludes spiegeleisen and ferronickel. 
 25Silicon metal apparently included with ferrosilicon. 
 26Spiegeleisen for the Federal Republic of Germany is included with blast
furnace ferromanganese. 
 27lncludes the following quantities specifically identified as ferrosilicon:
1976—100; 1977—96; 1978—86; 1979—87.
The remainders
are not identified except that they are not spiegeleisen or ferromanganese.
 28Although furnace type has not been specified for any ferroalloy production
for mainland China, North Korea, the Republic of South Africa, and the United
States, all output of these countries has been included under electric furnace
(and metallothermic) output except for their production of ferromanganese,
which is reported separately below. 
 29Ferromanganese includes silicomanganese (if any was produced) for countries
carrying footnote 9 on ferromanganese data line. 
' °Includes silicospiegeleisen for France. 
iiFerr~hromium includes ferrochromium-silicon (if any was produced) for countries
carrying footnote 15 on 
ferrochromium data line. 
32Other includes ferronickel production for France, Norway, the U.S.S.R.,
and the United States. 
 340 MINERALS YEARBOOK, 1978-79 
Table 8.—Ferroalloys: World production, by country, 
furnace type, and alloy type —Continued 
(Thousand short tons) 

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