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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1978-79
Year 1978-79, Volume 1 (1978-1979)

Morse, David E.
Barite,   pp. 85-94 PDF (1.1 MB)

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' Includes Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, and Tennessee.
2Data do not add to total shown because of independent rounding. 
in 1979 were (in alphabetical order) Baroid duction. Startup had been reported
in late 
Div., NL Industries, Inc., with mines in 1979 but no shipments were made
Missouri and Nevada; Dresser Minerals the year. The mine was scheduled to
Div Dresser Industries Inc with mines in approximately 30000 tons of barite
in its 
Missouri and Nevada; IMCO Services Div., first year of operation. By the
time a conHalliburton Co., with mines in Nevada; and centration plant is
completed near Hailey, 
Minerals Div., Milchem, Inc., with mines in Idaho (1982), NL Baroid plans
to ship 
Missouri and Nevada. 100,000 tons of crude ore and finished prodDomestic
and/or imported barite was ucts annually. 
ground at 41 plants in 11 States during In Nevada Dresser Minerals was expand
1979 Texas (eight plants) Louisiana (six ing production capacity of its Greystone
plants) and Nevada (five plants) each pro- mine in 1979 and IMCO increased
produc duced over 700,000 tons of ground barite in tion from the Clipper
mine after completing 1979; total ground barite production in an extensive
stripping program in 1978. these three States was 2.48 million tons. No Chromalloy
American Inc., doubledthe caother State produced over 150,000 tons of pacity
of its Dry Creek jig plant north of ground barite in 1979. Other States with
grinding plants in 1979 were Missouri with New gnnding plants and additions
to six operations, Utah with five; California existing facilities were built
and under conwith three; Arkansas, Georgia, and Illinois, struction in 1979.
Concentrated Mud Chemtwo each; and Montana and Tennessee, one icals Inc.,
completed a two-mill grinding each. facility at Corpus Christi, Tex. IMCO
 In 1978, a joint drilling program cqn- expanding the capacity of its Houma,
La., ducted by New Riverside Ochre Co ai~d and Brownsville Tex plants Milchem
add Paga Mining Co., both of Centerville, Ga~, ed a new mill to its New Orleans,
La., plant delineated additional ore reserves on a and started construction
on new grinding jointly held property in northwestern Geor- plants at Clifton,
Okla., andGalveston, Tex. gia. Oil Base, Inc., a subsidiary of Hughes Tool
 In 1978, Milchem conducted a drilling Co., planned to complete a new grinding
program at its Fancy Hill property in plant at Houma, La., in 1980. NL Baroid
Montgomery County, Ark. Work was con- expanded its New Orleans, La., grinding
ducted in 1979 to bring the mine and mill plant and rehabilitated its Blackwell,
Mo., onstream by late 1980. Production during jigging-washing facility. NL
Baroid had the estimated 11-year lifetime of the mine expanded the capacity
of its Corpus Christi was projected at about 460,000 tons per year grinding
plant in 1978. 
of ore, which ' would yield approximately In 1978, a Bureau of Mines report'
was 200,000 tons per year of finished product. released that includes 19
tables of data that NL Baroid was in the process of preparing show domestic
barite production, consumpits Sun Valley mine on the Old Soldier tion, and
imports and also world barite property in Blame County, Idaho, for pro- output
for the years 1880 to 1976.2 
Table 2.—Barite sold or used by producers in the United States,
(Thousand short tons and thousand doiiars) 
 1977 1978 1979 
Quantity Vaiue Quantity Value Quantity Value 
Missouri 117 4,061 121 4,661 89 3,679 
Nevada.. 1,158 18,329 1,788 30,034 1,734 34,320 
OtherStates1 219 7,874 202 9,286 ~' ll4 ~lO,O25 
 Total 1,494 30,264 22,112 43,981 ~l,937 "48,024 

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