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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1977
Year 1977, Volume 1 (1977)

Pressler, J. W.
Gypsum,   pp. 457-467 ff. PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 458

States Gypsum's Plaster City mine in Imperial County, Calif.; National Gypsum's
Tawas mine and United States Gypsum's Alabaster mine both in losco County,
Mich.; H. M. Holloway's Lost Hills mine in Kern County, Calif.; Pacific Coast
Building Products, Inc.'s Las Vegas mine in Clark County, Nev.; United States
Gypsum's Southard mine in Blame County, Okla.; and United States Gypsum's
Sweetwater mine in Nolan County, Tex. These seven mines accounted for 34%
of the national total. Average output per mine for the 69 U.S. mines was
194,000 tons, compared with 176,000 tons per mine in 1976 and 143,000 tons
in 1975. 
 Thirteen companies calcined gypsum at 71 plants in 29 States. Output increased
from 11 million tons of calcine valued at $237 million in 1976 to 12.6 million
tons valued at $278 million in 1977, a tonnage increase of 14% compared with
that of 1976. Output was only slightly below the 1973 record. Leading States
were California, Texas, Iowa, and New York. These 4 States, with 24 plants,
accounted for 39% of the national output. 
 Leading companies were United States Gypsum Co. (22 plants), National Gypsum
Co. (18 plants), Georgia-Pacific Corp. (9 plants), The Flintkote Co. (6 plants),
and Celotex Div. of Jim Walter Corp. (5 plants). These 5 companies, operating
60 plants, accounted for 86% of the national output. 
 Leading individual plants were United States Gypsum's Plaster City plant,
Imperial County, Calif.; United States Gypsum's Shoals plant, Martin County,
md.; United States Gypsum's Stony Point plant, Rockland County, N.Y.; Weyerhaeuser's
Briar plant, Howard County, Ark.; GeorgiaPacific's Acme plant, Hardeman County,
Tex.; United States Gypsum's Southard plant, Blame County, Okla.; United
States Gypsum's Sweetwater plant, Nolan County, Tex.; and United States Gypsum's
Fort Dodge plant, Webster County, Iowa. These eight plants accounted for
23% of the national output. Average output per plant for the 71 U.S. plants
was 177,000 tons, compared with 153,000 tons (revised) per plant 
in 1976 and 124,000 tons in 1975. 
 Occidental Petroleum Corp., Allied Chemical Corp., Valley Nitrogen Producers
Inc., and California Industrial Minerals Co. (all in California), Occidental
Petroleum Corp. in Florida, Miles Laboratories, Inc., in Indiana, Texasgulf
Inc., in North Carolina, and Allied Chemical Corp. in West Virginia sold
797,000 tons of byproduct gypsum valued at $6.4 million for agricultural
 On February 19, 1977, Pacific Coast Building Products, Inc., of Sacramento,
Calif., purchased the Las Vegas, Nev., gypsum operations of Johns-Manville
Corp., consisting basically of the Apex open pit mine and the Las Vegas wallboard
manufacturing plant with an annual capacity of 240 million square feet. Pacific
Coast Building Products also has a wallboard plant in Newark, Calif. 
 In the first quarter of 1977, National Gypsum Co. announced initiation of
construction of a multimillion-dollar gypsum wallboard plant on the Hudson
River in Rensselaer County, N.Y., to be completed in 1978. Another wallboard
plant under construction in Wilmington, N.C., was also scheduled for 1978
 Eight gypsumboard plant expansions and one plant startup increased the national
production capacity an additional 0.5 billion square feet per year. The available
capacity of operating gypsumboard plants in the United States at yearend
1977 was 17 billion square feet per year, a 3% increase compared with that
of 1976. Total 1977 gypsumboard production in the United States was 15.4
billion square feet. This indicated a 91% national utilization of capacity
for the year. Kaiser Cement & Gypsum Corp.'s wallboard plant in Rosario,
N. Mex., rehabilitated and started up in the first quarter of 1977, was sold
to Drywall Supply, Inc., of Denver, Cob. A wholly owned subsidiary of Drywall
Supply, Western Gypsum Co., was operating the plant. The Locust Cove underground
gypsum mine of United States Gypsum Co., Smyth County, Va., was reopened.

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