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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals and minerals 1977
Year 1977, Volume 1 (1977)

Schroeder, Harold J.; Jolly, James H.
Copper,   pp. 329-370 PDF (4.8 MB)

Page 331

p..) ~. ) 
Figure 1.-.-Sources of copper supply for United States copper consumption.
' I) 
that of 1976. The Berkeley pit at Butte, ore electrowinning plant where output
was Mont accounted for approximately 73% of 19% over that of 1976 
the total and the remainder was from the Anamax and ASARCO Incorporated Yermgton
mine at Weed Heights Nev and partners in the Eisenhower Mining Co the Victoria
mine near Ely Nev Because of continued to develop the Palo Verde copper the
depressed conditions in the copper in deposit located 6 miles from the Twin
dustry, the Victoria mine and mill were Buttes operation and between two
ASARCO closed in September and operations were operations. The Palo Verde
ore body concurtailed at the Yerington mine in October tame an estimated
125 million tons of ore Development of the underground mine and averaging
06% copper Stripping of over concentrator at Carr Fork Utah about 25 burden
was in progress and mining of the miles west of Salt Lake City, continued
with underlying ore was expected to start early production scheduled, to
start in late 1979 in 1979. 
and building to a production level of 60,000 ASARCO operated three copper
mines in short tons of copper per year as market the vicinity of Tucson,
Ariz., the Mission, conditions warrant. Silver Bell, and San Xavier units.
 Anamax Mining Co., a joint venture of mines were not operated during July
The Anaconda Company and AMAX Inc., through October, due to a copper worker's
operated the Twin Buttes, Ariz., open pit strike from June 30 to September
8, and a mine and produced 335,975 tons of copper shutdown until November
1 when proconcentrates from processing sulfide ore duction was resumed on
a curtailed basis. and 34,387 tons of electrowon refined copper The Mission
and Silver Bell units produced from processing oxide ores. Copper concen-
23,300 tons and 15,500 tons of copper in trating operations were held to
about 60% concentrates and precipitates compared of capacity, as in 1976,
because of the with 35,200 tons and 22,300 tons in 1976. 
depressed copper market but improved Output from the San Xavier mine and
leach metallurgical recoveries resulted in a 36% plant was 10,600 tons of
copper in precipiincrease in copper production over that of tates compared
with 11,400 tons in 1976. 
1976. Production also improved at the oxide The Sacaton open pit mine near

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