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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Sondermayer, Roman V.
Thorium,   pp. 1201-1208 PDF (856.3 KB)

Page 1202

rare-earth elements and thorium were W. Ill. A number of thorium-processing
R. Grace & Co., at Chattanooga, Tenn., panies maintain stocks of various
comand Lindsay Rare Earths, affiliated with pounds and the metal for nonenergy
use Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp., West Chicago, and for nuclear fuels. 
Table 1.—Companies processing and fabricating thorium, 1972 
Plant location 
Operations and products 
American Light Alloys, Inc        
Consolidated Aluminum Corp       
Controlled Castings Corp          
Gallard-Schlesinger Chemical Manufacturing Corp. 
General Electric Co             Do                      
W. K Grace & Co., Davison Chemical Div 
Gulf General Atomic Co          Gulf United Nuclear Fuels Corp     
 Do                     Hitchcock Industries, Inc      
Little Falls, N.J       
Madison, Ill         
Plainview, N.Y       
Cane Place, N.Y      
San Jose, Calif  
Wilmington, N.C      
Chattanooga, Tenn    
San Diego, Calif      
Hematite, Mo  
New Haven, Conn     
South Bloomington, Minn. 
Magnesium-thorium alloy. Do. 
Processes oxide, fluoride, and metal. 
Nuclear fuels. 
Processes domestic and imported monazite; produces oxide; stocks of hydroxide
and metal powder 
Nuclear fuels. 
Magnesium-thorium alloys. 
Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp        
Lindsay Rare Earths        
Cimarron, Okla      West Chicago, Ill      
Nuclear fuels. 
Processes imported monazite; stocks of thorite; produces oxide, nitrate,
and oxalate. 
NL Industries, Inc             
Nuclear Chemicals and Metals Corp - 
Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc        
Nuclear Materials & Equipment Corp. (NUMEC). 
Ventron Corp., Chemicals Div      
Weilman Dynamics Corp          
Westinghouse Electric Corp        
Albany, N.Y        
Huntsville, Tenn      
Erwin, Tenn         
Apollo, Pa           
Leechburg, Pa       
Beverly, Mass        
Creston, Iowa        
Bloomfield, N.J       
Nuclear fuels. 
Metallic thorium. 
Magnesium-thorium alloy. 
Processes compounds; produces metallic thorium. 
Columbia, S.C        
Nuclear fuels. 
 Based on monazite production and foreign trade figures, apparent consumption
of thorium (in terms of Th02 equivalent) was estimated at 300 tons during
1972. However, actual domestic industrial consumption was lower because the
monazite supply was processed for its rare earth content, and most of the
thorium residue remained in company holding areas. 
 Nonenergy industrial consumption was estimated at 100 to 150 tons Th02 equivalent.
The major uses were in incandescent gas lamp mantles; hardener for magnesium-.thorium
alloys in aerospace applications; dispersion hardening of metals such as
nickel, tungsten, and stainless steel; and electronic, refractory and chemical
(catalytic) applications. 
 In the nuclear field, research and development studies continued on thorium-uranium
fuels, reactor concepts for these fuels, and thorium fuels reprocessing.
Thorium-uranium fuels (Thmi-Uasa fuel cycle) are used in the HTGR, the molten-salt
breeder reactor, and seed-blanket 
loadings for the pressurized water reactor. During 1972, plans for, construction
two HTGR nuclear power plants were announced. The Southern California Edison
Co. signed a letter of intent with GGA, of San Diego, Calif., a Division
of Gulf Oil Corp., to design and supply two 710,000-kilowatt HTGR's to be
located in the eastern California desert. A site for the facility had not
been selected at yearend. The first unit was tentatively scheduled for operation
in 1981. Southern California Edison has also taken an option for two additional,
larger capacity HTGR units that would be located at another site. 
 A second HTGR plant was planned by Delmarva Power and Light Co., Wilmington,
Del. The new nuclear power station will consist of two 700,000-kilowatt HTGR's,
and the total costs were reported to be $680 million. The site is located
15 miles south of Wilmington. Reportly, the first unit would be operational
in 1979, and the second one 2 years later. GGA will design and supply the

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