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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Stowasser, W.F.
Phosphate rock,   pp. 1027-1041 ff. PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 1030

10~0 MINERALS YEARBOOK, 1972 Figure 1.—Phosphate rock (sold or used),
apparent consumption, and exports. 
marketable rock was 28.4% P205. The weight recovery of concentrate and marketable
rock as mined averaged 81.9%, and the average P205 recovery was 89.1%. 
 In Idaho, Agricultural Products Corp., Monsanto Co., J. R. Simplot Co.,
and Stauffer Chemical Co. mined and processed phosphate rock. Cominco American,
Inc., mined phosphate rock in Montana. This was the only active underground
phosphate mine in the United States. Stauffer Chemical Co. mined phosphate
rock in two areas of Utah and also mined phosphate rock in Wyoming. 
 The Meramec Mining Co., Sullivan, Mo., produced an apatite concentrate from
the tailings from the Pea Ridge iron ore mine during the period from 1964
through 1967. This material was marketed in 1972 for phosphoric acid production
and will continue to be marketed in the future for this purpose. 
 Beker Industries, Greenwich, Conn., acquired the superphosphoric acid and
diammonium phosphate plant at Conda, Idaho, from El Paso Natural Gas Co.
This plant 
plus the assets of the Mountain Fuel Supply Co., which includes the mine
and benefication plant, were the components that formed the Agricultural
Products Corp. The first year of production for this company was 1972. 
 Tennessee.—Production of marketable phosphate rock was 2,154,000 tons,
a decline of 417,000 tons or 16.2% from that of 1971. The value of the marketable
rock declined 11.7% below that of 1971. 
 The average grade of phosphate ore mined was 21.4% P205, and the average
grade of the beneficiated rock was 26.1% P205. The average weight recovery
of concentrates was 56.3%, and the P205 recovery averaged 68.9%. 
 Hooker Chemical Co., Monsanto Co., Stauffer Chemical Co., and the Tennessee
Valley Authority (TVA) mined phosphate rock in Tennessee for production of
elemental phosphorus from electric furnaces. Restrictions on the quantity
of sodium tnpolyphosphate in detergents has reduced the demand for elemental
phosphorus from the Tennessee furnaces. 

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