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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Meisinger, Arthur C.
Perlite,   pp. 905-907 ff. PDF (275.8 KB)

Page 907

 Producers sold crushed, cleaned, and sized crude perlite to expanding plants
at an average price of $11.34 per short ton in 1972, and the portion used
by producers in their own expanding plants was valued at an average of $11.50
per ton. The weighted average of both categories was 
$11.44 per ton which was the same value as in 1971. 
Expanded perlite sold or used, according 
to expanders, had an average value of 
$60.17 compared with $60.07 per ton in 
1971. However, average values by States in 
1972 ranged from $32 -to $144 per toss. 
 Greece.—Although 1972 production data for perlite in Greece were not
available, production in 1971 was slightly lower than in 1970. The quantity
of crude perlite ore produced in 1971 was 177,000 tons coinpared wi-th 185,800
tons in 1970. Processed perlite in 1971 amounted to 104,500 tons compared
with 117,600 tons in 1970. The quantity of perlite exported by Greece in
1970 and 1971 averaged 15% of crude ore production and 95% of processed ore
production, respectively. 
 Phiippines.—The quantity of perlite produced from the Legaspi City
deposit of Trinity Lodge Mining Corp. was only 480 tons in 1972—a slight
increase from the 1971 production of 457 tons. 
 Grefco, Inc., a subsidiary of General Refractories Co., initiated installation
of air pollution control systefns at its perlite processing plant in No Agua,
N. Mex., and storage facilities in Antonito, Cob., in 1972. The estimated
$1 million project was to be completed by mid-1973. 
 Two product development research projects, sponsored by the Perlite Institute,
New York, were completed duriu4g the year. One project involved the durability
characteristics of perlite cement plasters (stucco). The other study, in
two parts, was concerned with the physical properties of perlite insulating
concrete with added diatomaceous earth and hydrated lime, and the effect
of moisture migration for various vent boards used in roof deck construction.

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