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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Chin, E.
Magnesium,   pp. 735-745 ff. PDF (829.8 KB)

Page 738

Table 2.—Magnesium recovered from scrap processed in the United States,
by kind of scrap and form of recovery 
(Short tons) 
 4,767 4,564 6,722 6,816 
 5,712 4,698 4,838 5,646 
Total 3,469 2,991 2,780 
Grand total 15,525 13,470 12,042 
 1,700 1,518 1,719 1,656 
 1,291 1,262 1,424 1,544 
 3,143 3,200 
 14,703 15,662 
 1968 1969 1970 1971 r 1972 o 
Kind of scrap: 
New scrap: 
 Magnesium-base 7,006 
 Aluminum-base 5,050 
 Total 12,056 10,479 9,262 11,560 12,462 
Old scrap: 
 Magnesium-base 2,113 
 Aluminum-base 1,356 
Form of recovery: 
 Magnesium alloy ingot '  2,502 3,231 2,006 3,905 3,612 
 Magnesium alloy castings (gross weight) 15 11 13 14 9 
 Magnesium alloy shapes 82 149 189 500 275 
 Aluminum alloys 9,900 8,378 7,088 7,423 8,790 
 Zinc and other alloys 18 13 24 17 16 
 Chemical and other dissipative uses 64 65 80 478 581 
 Cathodic protection 2,944 1,623 2,642 2,366 2,379 
 Total 15,525 13,470 12,042 14,703 15,662 
 Revised. "Preliminary. 
Figures include secondary magnesium content of both secondary and primary
magnesium alloy ingot. 
 Consumption of magnesium in the United States reversed the 1971 decline
and rose to almost 100,000 short tons. Magnesium metal is consumed in two
broad categories: Structural products such as castings and wrought products,
and distributive or sacrificial applications where advantage is taken of
the metal's chemical properties. At present, about one-third of consumption
is for structural applications while sacrificial uses account for the remaining
two-thirds of magnesium consumption. 
 A wide-ranging series of applications for magnesium were noted in 1972.
Archery bow handles, baseball bats, bowling pins, pack ' frames, snowmobile
parts, and staple nailers were among the promising new uses for magnesium
die castings. A yttrium-zinc-magnesium base alloy, developed by the Frankford
Arsenal, was being used and tested for various helicopter parts. An aluminum-magnesium-steel
shield will cap the Centaur booster and Viking spacecraft scheduled to be
launched for Mars in 
 The use of magnesium and aluminum in U.S. automobiles is expected to increase
sharply in the next 5 years, due to the ne 
cessity of minimizing the weight of cars. The target ' for weight reduction
per car is about 300 pounds, approximately the weight of mandatory safety
and emission control equipment. Some new car models to be introduced in the
fall of 1973 will feature magnesium fender extensions as well as decorative
 The Melmag racing car wheel, designed by Magnesium Elektron, Ltd., won the
1972 Design Award of the International Magnesium Association. The one-piece,
magnesium die-cast deck of the Satellite lawnmower, produced for the Parkton
Corp. by Paramount Die Casting, Inc. was awarded first prize in the current
production category in the First International Magnesium Die Casting Competition.
 In sacrificial applications, the area of magnesium growth was expected to
be in such uses as the desulfurization of steel and in anodes for the cathodic
protection of buried pipelines and storage tanks. Magnesium dry cell batteries
for walkietalkies are a new application for wrought metal, and magnesium
continued to be used in water-activated and sea water-activated reserve cell
batteries. Retail sales of dry-cell batteries, excluding those for mili 

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