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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Kurtz, Horace F.
Bauxite,   pp. 189-204 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 193

Table 9.—Production and shipments of selected aluminum salts 
in the United States in 1971 
(Thousand short tons and thousand 
 Number ofItem producing  plants 
Total shipments 
including interplant 
Quantity Value 
Aluminum sulfate: 
   Commercial (17% Al203) 66   Municipal (17% A1203) 3   Iron-free (17% Al202)
21Aluminum chloride: 
 1,133 47,071 
 45 2,568 
 Liquid (32°Bé) 5 
Crystal (32°Bé)                         
 Anhydrous(100%AlCl3) 5 
Aluminum fluoride, technical 6Aluminum hydroxide, trihydrate (100% A1203.3H20)
 7Other inorganic aluminum compounds 1 XX 
 30 8,743 156 36,742 439 39,591 
XX  24,207 
Total XX 
XX 159,750 
XX Not applicable. 
' Includes sodium aluminate, light aluminum hydroxide, cryolite, and alums.
 Source: Data are based upon Bureau of the Census report Form MA—28E.1,
Annual Report on Shipments and Production of Inorganic Chemicals. 
 Consumers inventories of bauxite increased during the year, but stocks at
mines and processing plants declined sufficiently to account for a net decrease
of 3% in total industry inventories. Government stockpiles were reduced 4%.
About 586,000 long tons of Surinam-type bauxite was shipped from Government
defense inventories and an additional 110,000 tons of bauxite was shipped
from a Government stockpile accumulated during World War II. 
 Total inventories of alumina and related products at plants producing alumina
and primary aluminum were 1,079,000 short tons on December 31, 1972, virtually
unchanged from 1971 yearend stocks. 
Table 10.—Stocks of bauxite in the United States 1 
(Thousand long tons, dry equivalent) 
Sector Dec. 31, 
Dec. 31, 
1971 r 
Producers and processors - -  997 786 
Consumers 2,667 2,769 
Government 2 17,149 16,453 
 Total 20,813 20,008 
 1 Domestic and foreign bauxite; crude, dried, calcined, activated; all grades.
 2 Includes bauxite stockpiled during World War 
II (891,000 tons Dec. 31, 1971, 781,000 tons Dec. 
31, 1972) plus bauxite in defense material inventories 
(national stockpile, supplemental stockpile, Defense Production Act). 
 Market prices for domestic crude (undried) and dried bauxite were not published.
Bureau of Mines estimates of the value of bauxite production were based on
data supplied by producers. Data for most of the crude bauxite came from
companies which produce ' bauxite for their own use rather than for sale.
The Bureau estimated the average value of crude domestic bauxite shipments
in 1972, f.o.b. mine or plant, at $10.60 per long ton. The average values
of shipments of domestic dried and calcined bauxite were estimated at $14.39
and $338 per ton, respectively. Bauxite values 
among producers varied widely because of differences in grade. The average
value of imported dried or partly dried bauxite consumed at domestic alumina
plants was estimated at $14.79 per long dry ton, compared with $14.39 (revised)
for 1971. During 1972, Engineering and Mining Journal published the following
prices on refractory-grade bauxite, carlots, Atlantic ports, per long ton:
January- October— September December 
87.75% minimum A1IO3     
88% AllOl (super calcined) - - 

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