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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

Fulkerson, Frank B.
Barite,   pp. 181-187 ff. PDF (537.9 KB)

Page 185

 BARITE 185 
Table 9.—US. imports for consumption of barium chemicals 
  Blanc fixe Lithopone (precipitated Barium chloride Barium hydroxide 
 barium sulfate) 
Year -— — ~ ——--—— ~— 
 Value Value Value Value 
Short tons (thou- Short tons (thou- Short tons (thou- Short tons (thou 
 sands) sands) sands) sands) 
 1970 87 $19 2,866 $495 1,558 $166 -- -- 1971 81 13 3,522 576 1,446 167 --
-- 1972 84 17 6,412 1,691 7,316 938 63 $12 
Barium nitrate Barium carbonate precipitated Other barium compounds 
Short tons Value Short tons Value Short tons Value 
 (thousands) (thousands) (thousands) 
 1970 786 $118 1,416 $117 525 $258 1971 832 139 1,120 91 799 313 1972 685
126 8,316 841 716 334 
Table 10.—U.S. imports for consumption of crude, ung-round, 
and crushed or ground witherite 
 Crude, unground Crushed or ground 
Year ———--—--                              Short
tons   Value Short tons   Value  (thousands)  (thousands) 
 1970 -- -- 182 $35 1971 417 $22 94 20 1972 -- -- 1,311 169 
 Canada.—Barite output in Canada decreased owing to operating difficulties
at the Walton mine, Dresser Minerals Division, Dresser Industries, Inc.,
in Nova Scotia. The mine flooded late in 1970, and the only production after
that time h-as come from stockpiles and quarried material. 
 International Mogul Mines, Ltd., continteed to evaluate the Lake Ainslie
baritefluorite deposits on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. A preliminary
economic appraisal indicated production of drillingmud-grade barite and sub-acid-grade
fluorspar from the deposits would be unprofitable.4 
 Indonesia.—IMCO Services, Division of Halliburton Co., was building
a baritegrinding plant at Makassar. The plant was to be operational in 1973.5
 Ireland.—Milchem, Inc., was constructing a barite flotation plant
for treatment of the Irish Base Metals, Ltd., tailings pond in County Galway.
Plant capacity was estimated at 60,000 tons of concentrate per year.6 
 Pakistan.—Folbowing the discovery of large barite reserves in three
outlying districts, the government of Baluchistan Prov 
 ince planned to build a barite-grinding plant at Khuzdar. The bulk of the
output was to be exported.7 
 U.S.S.R.—A new 3,000-foot-deep central hoisting shaft was completed
at the Atchisai lead-barite mining complex in southern Kazakhstan. The new
deep shaft gave access to the troughs of the steeply folded synclines. The
ore in the anticlines and flanks of the folds was being mined -through the
Mirgalimsay and Mirginskialie shafts.8 
* United Kingdom.—The United Kingdom imports about three-fourths of
its barite requirements. 9 Morocco is the largest source. Imports, which
currently total about 75,000 tons per year, are increasing 
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 ° Collins, R. S. Barium Minerals. Miner. Res. Div., Inst. GeoL Sd. (London),
1972, 44 pp. 

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