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Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook: Metals, minerals, and fuels 1972
Year 1972, Volume 1 (1972)

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Page viii

James G. Kirby, David A. 
 Molybdenum, by Andrew Kuklis 793 
 Natural gas, by William B. Harper and Leonard L. Fanelli 807 
 Natural gas liquids, by 5. 0. Wood, Jr., and Leonard L. Fanelli  849 
 Nickel, by Horace T. Reno  871 
 Nitrogen, by Ted C. Briggs  881 
 Peat, by Eugene T. Sheridan 897 
 Perlite, by Arthur C. Meisinger 905 
 Petroleum and petroleum products, by I 
  Carleton, and Betty M. Moore 909 
 Phosphate rock, by William F. Stowasser 1027 
 Platinum-group metals, by J. M. West 1043 
 Potash, by Donald E. Eilertsen 1055 
 Pumice, by Arthur C. Meisinger 1069 
 Rare-earth minerals and metals, by James S. Kennedy and James H. 
  Jolly 1075 
 Rhenium, by Larry J. Alverson _-_ 1085 
 Salt, by Robert T. MacMillan ____ 1093 
 Sand and gravel, by Walter Pajalich  1103 
 Silicon, by E. Shekarchi ~. 112~ 
 Silver, by J. R. Welch  1129 
 Slag—iron and steel, by Harold J. Drake  1143 
 Sodium and sodium compounds, by Charles L. Klingman  1147 
 Stone, by Harold J. Drake  il5~ 
 Sulfur and pyrites, by Roland W. Merwin  1175 
 Talc, soapstone, and pyrophyllite, by J. Robert Wells  119! 
 Thorium, by Roman V. Sondermayer 120! 
 Tin, by Keith L. Harris 1209 
 Titanium, by F. W. Wessel 1227 
 Tungsten, by Richard F. Stevens, Jr. 1239 
 Uranium, by Walter C. Woodmansee 1261 
 Vanadium, by Harold A. Taylor, Jr.  1287 
 Vermiculite, by Frank B. Fulkerson 1295 
Zinc, by Albert D. McMahon, John M. Hague, and Herbert R. Babitzke 1299 
Zirconium and hafnium, by Sarkis G. Ampian _~, 1335 
Minor metals (arsenic, cesium and rubidium, germanium, indium, radium, scandium,
tellurium, thallium), by Staff, Division of Non 
  ferrous Metals  1347 
 Minor nonmetals (greensand, iodine, lithium, meerschaum, quartz 
  crystal, staurolite, strontium, wollastonite), by Staff, Division of 
  Nonmetallic Minerals 1359 

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