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Hall, James, 1811-1898 / Geological survey of Wisconsin, 1859-1863. Palaeontology. Part third

Plate XIII,   pp. [unnumbered]-Plate XIII PDF (735.8 KB)

                               OBOLUS CONRADI, HALL.
                                         Page 375.
FIG. 1. View of the cast of the dorsal valve, showing the longitudinal septum
and the filling of
             the cavities beneath the margins of the transverse plate.
  a 2. Cast of a ventral valve, showing the impression of the transverse
plate, the median
             depression of the hinge plate, and the cavities left by the
teeth-like processes.
                          STROPHODONTA PROFUNDA, HALL.
                                         Page 376.
FlIG. 3. Impression of the surface of the concave valve of a small individual,
with a portion of
             the filling of the cavity between the valves, showing the impression
of the ventral
             valve on the margin.
      4. Impression of the interior of the ventral valve of a large individual.
 The muscular
             imprints in the figure are not represented so long as they are
in the original
                              ASPIRIFERA EUDORA, HALL.
                                         Page 377.
FIG. 5. Dorsal view of a specimen of this species.
  ' 7. Profile of the same specimen, showing the gibbosity of the valves,
and the height
             and curvature of the area.
                    -       SPIRIFERA     GIBBOSA, HALL.
FIG. 6. View of a dorsal valve of this species.
" 8. Cardinal view of a specimen.
                                         Page 378.
FIG. 9. Dorsal view of a small individual, showing the extension of the lamellse
in the dorsal
            valve as seen in young specimens.
 " 10. Ventral view of the same individual, showing the extent of the
lamell~e in the ventral
 "  11. Profile of the specimen.
                              SPIRIFERA MFTA, HALL.
                                         Page 380.
FIG. 12. Ventral view of a specimen.
    13. Cardinal view of the same individual, showing the height and extent
of the straight area.
                             SPIR!FERA NOBILIS, HALL.
                                         Page 380.
FIG. 14. Dorsal view of an individual of medium size.
    15. Ventral view of a specimen, showing plications in the mesial sinus.
 " 16. Ventral view of a large individual.
 "  17. Cardinal view of the specimen fig. 16.

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