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Hall, James, 1811-1898 / Geological survey of Wisconsin, 1859-1863. Palaeontology. Part third

Plate XII,   pp. [unnumbered]-Plate XII PDF (819.6 KB)

                                   PLATE XII.
                       HOLOCYST'TES SCUTELLATUS, HALL.
                                        Page 357.
FIG. 1. Lateral view of the specimen described. The plates on the left side
are obscured by
            adhering rock.
                          HOLOCYSTITES OVATUS, HALL.
                                       Page 357.
FIG. 2. Lateral view of a specimen of this species.
                        HOLOCYSTITES WINCHELLI, HALL.
                                       Page 356.
FIG. 3. A view of the specimen described, which is imperfect at the base
and summit.
                       HOLOCYSTrMTES CYLNDRICUS, HALL.
                                       Page 354.
FIG. 4. A view of a well preserved individual of large size, on which the
limits of the plates
            are strongly marked.
 "   5. View of a smaller individual.
 "   6. View of a small specimen (preserving a portion of the short
column), on which the
            angular prominences of the plates and the surface pustules are
well preserved.
                         HOLOCYSTITES ABNORMIS, HALL.
                                       Page 355.
FIG. 7. Lateral view of a cast of a large specimen, which preserves the limits
of the plates and
            the minutely pustulose texture of the surface.
     8. View of a smaller specimen. The peculiar arrangement of the plates
in the lower part
            of the body is seen in both this and the preceding specimen.
                       HOLOCYSTITES ALTERNATuS, HALL.
                                       Page 355.
FIG. 9. View of a very distinctly marked specimen of this species, showing
the position of the
            summit aperture and the arrangement of the plates of the body.
                        ECHINvOCYSmnwS XODOSUS, HALL.
                                       Page 360.
FIGS. 10, 11. Lateral and summit views of the specimen described.
                           APIOCYSTITES IMAGo, HALL.
                                       Page 358.
FIG. 12. Lateral view of the specimen, showing the structure of the body
and the position of the
                      HEMICOSMITES SUB GLOBOSUS, HALL.
                                       Page 359.
FIG. 13. View of a specimen which shows the structure of the body.

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